An exotic dancer allegedly followed a customer to his home and robbed him shortly after he turned down her offer of a lap dance at an East Houston adult club.

According to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, 23-year-old Kelly Renee Hutchins is now in custody after being charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon in the case.

A judge denied a bond for the suspect, who was being held Thursday in the Harris County Jail.

The victim told police that he visited the strip club on July 31 when he was approached by a dancer who offered him a private lap dance, and he refused, according to a criminal complaint filed Aug. 14 in the case.

Later that night, a man approached the victim and asked him “if he wanted her (the dancer’s) company after he left the club, and again, the (victim) stated he again declined,” the complaint states.

The victim left the club and drove to his southwest Houston home, where he noticed a vehicle drive up with the headlights turned off, police said.

Investigators said a woman approached – the victim recognized her as the dancer he had earlier rejected – and pointed a gun at him, demanding his wallet.

“The (victim) stated that he told the defendant he did not have his wallet, and she searched his pockets and attempted to open his vehicle,” according to the complaint.

When he informed the woman that surveillance cameras were recording her, she drove off with the man who earlier approached the patron inside the club, according to police.

Investigators later contacted the strip club and provided them with a photo from the victim’s surveillance footage. The club management provided police with Hutchins’ California driver’s license photo, and the victim positively identified her in a photo lineup.

Hutchins has a conviction from May 2009 for misdemeanor prostitution, court records show.

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Thief leaves his ID in victim’s pants

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A would-be Canadian laundry thief made work easier for police in Edmonton, Alberta. He left his wallet and identification in his intended victim’s pants pocket.

An unidentified man in a subdivision told police he checked his laundry hanging outside on a clothesline Monday morning and spotted someone discarding old dirty clothes and putting on clean ones from the line.

The resident confronted the man and demanded he put his own clothes back on. The thief did and fled, and the resident said while he was waiting for police, retrieved his own clothes to rewash and found the wallet.

Investigators matched the description to an attempted home robbery nearby two hours earlier, the Edmonton Sun said.

In that incident, a woman said she discovered a man in her bedroom holding her laptop computer and cellphone. The thief left empty handed, police said.

Police are looking for a 32-year-old man with no fixed address in both theft attempts, the report said.


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A kidnapping victim was found tied up in the garage of a 17-year veteran of the New York Police Department. He has has been suspended without pay.

The New York Post reports Ondre Johnson, a detective with the Brooklyn north gang unit, was being questioned in connection with the incident and was forced to surrender his gun and badge.

A source told the Post the 25-year-old victim was snatched off the street on July 26. The victim’s friends then got calls demanding $75,000 for the victim’s release.

The call was traced to Johnson’s home. When police arrived on Friday afternoon, Johnson answered the door and identified himself as a detective with the NYPD.

Investigators then found the victim tied up in the garage.

Four men have been charged in the apparent kidnapping scheme.

30-year-old Hakeem Clark, who lives in the same building as Johnson, was charged with kidnapping and weapons possession along with 27-year-old Jason Hutson and 27-year-old James Gayle.

24-year-old Alfredo Haughton was charged with kidnapping.

Johnson has not been charged.


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David Henneman of Medford, Oregon, stopped at his bank to talk about some forged checks. While he was there, the accused forger came into the bank behind him and tried to cash a check.

Henneman said that he stopped at the Chase bank on Saturday to talk about stopping fraudulent checks that went through his account the previous day.

That was when 37-year-old Matthew Frombach came in and attempted to cash a $150 check from Henneman’s account.

“The teller’s eyes just got huge and she said, ‘Oh my gosh, I think that’s him,’” Henneman said.

Henneman said bank employees attempted to delay Frombach, but he fled the store with Henneman’s friend in pursuit.

“They wouldn’t let me leave with veins popping out of my forehead, so my buddy went after him,” Henneman said. “The tellers said, ‘You’re a good guy, we don’t want you to go to jail.’”

T28-year-old Josh Rigiero attempted to stop Frombach, but ended up punched in the face by the suspect. Rigiero got back up and tackled Frombach, holding him until police arrived.

Lt. Mike Budreau said that Frombach was in possession of several credit cards belonging to other people.

Frombach, who is suspected of stealing the checks from Henneman’s mailbox, was charged with first-degree forgery, theft, criminal possession of a forged instrument, negotiating a bad check, disorderly conduct, fourth-degree assault, harassment and resisting arrest.

“It will be a good story to tell for years to come,” Henneman said.

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A combination armed robbery, fatal pedestrian accident was reported to Prince George’s County police just after midnight.

Several people in a car were approached by at least two men armed with guns in Fairmont Heights, Maryland.

The gunmen, who were wearing masks, ordered the people inside the car to get out and lie on the ground.

One of the passengers did just that, but police say the driver, whom they described as “startled”, accidentally ran over the passenger on the ground and killed him.

The suspects then fled the scene and, at last report, were still on the loose.

Police have not said if anything was taken from the victims.

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A man who attempted to rape a woman has been cleared of the charges by a Swedish court after it turned out that the woman he tried to rape was actually a man.

“The intended crime never had the possibility of being fulfilled,” explained judge Dan Sjöstedt of the Örebro District Court.

When the 61-year-old man had tried to commit the rape in Örebro, he had no idea that the intended victim was actually a man in women’s clothes, who had been taking hormonal treatment to reach the “right” identity.

After following the woman for some time, the would-be rapist was “brutally violent” in the “attempted rape”, tearing off the victim’s pants and grabbing at the victim’s crotch.

The incident occurred in front of the victim’s ex-boyfriend’s house, and it was him who came rushing to intervene. When police arrived, they arrested the attacker.

However, the court has ruled that the 61-year-old had intended to rape a woman, as he had been following her before the attack, making a conscious decision to rape her specifically.

The man also referred to his victim as “she” throughout the court case. As this “woman” was actually a man, his intentions were impossible to commit as the rape could never be completed.

“We believe that he wanted to rape this woman in particular. But as she turned out to be a man, the crime never was actually committed,” said Sjöstedt, adding that the case against rape was “invalid”.

“There are different theories about how this should be handled, and so we’re looking forward to seeing the verdict from the Court of Appeals,” he said, adding that he would appeal the decision if he were the prosecutor or the defence.

The 61-year-old is now convicted for assault. The punishment is four years prison and 15,000 kronor ($2,161) in damages to the woman.’

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The moment police shot a naked man to death as he reportedly chewed the face off another man has been caught on CCTV.

Images show the legs of two men lying beneath a freeway underpass in Miami when a police car arrives on scene – when one of the men was apparently gnawing on the other man’s head.

Police shot the man thinking it would end the attack, but the aggressor continued to devour the victim prompting police to fire at least half a dozen shots until he died.

The victim is fighting for his life in a nearby hospital after suffering critical injuries in the savage attack.
Neither the naked man nor the victim have been identified.

A woman notified a police officer nearby that she had seen two men fighting, witnesses told The Miami Herald.

A series of gunshots were heard at the off-ramp of the MacArthur Causeway along North 13th Street.

When the officer located the men, the aggressive naked male was in the process of chewing the of the victim, who was also not wearing any clothes, the Herald reported. The officer demanded that the naked man stop what he was doing.

But when he refused to listen and continued to feast on the victim, the officer shot him, according to the newspaper. Despite suffering a bullet wound, the naked man would not stop munching on the victim, so the officer fired about six more shots.

In that barrage of gunfire, the naked man was killed, collapsing face-down on the pedestrian walkway right by the Herald’s parking garage. Javier Ortiz, a police spokesman, said that based on information he’s received, the officer who fired the shots ‘is a hero and saved a life’.

The victim was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital Ryder Trauma Center and is said to be suffering from the massive injuries he sustained from the attacker.

Very little is known about the circumstances leading up to the attack, but police have speculated that the victim may have been homeless. There were no weapons found near the two naked men, leading them to believe that the attacker used his own strength to subdue his victim.

YouTube Preview Image

‘There are other ways to injure people,’ Sergeant Altarr William told The Herald.

‘Some people know martial arts, others are very strong and can kill you with their hands.’

No tests have been done to prove this, but police have also stated that they think the attacker was likely suffering from a ‘cocaine psychosis’, side effects from the drug which raise the body’s temperature and prompts the individual to strip.

MacArthur Causeway is a major route that connects downtown Miami to popular South Beach. Traffic clogged the area for hours as people used the route to descend into South Beach for Urban Beach Week, an annual festival dedicated to hip-hop music.

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Accused killer Leslie Sandoval says he can’t remember much about a drinking spree in January that left his homeless friend Seth Foster dead and dismembered under a vacant Anderson, South Carolina, building.

“It is like a jigsaw puzzle and I can’t put all of the pieces together,” said Sandoval. “I am still putting pieces together today.”

Anderson police arrested Sandoval on Feb. 25 and charged with him murder and possession of a weapon in a violent crime.

He was apprehended at a rural Abbeville County home two days after investigators discovered Foster’s decomposing torso in the crawl space of an abandoned building in downtown Anderson.

The 53-year-old victim’s head, hands and right foot were recovered from under a nearby building.

Sandoval said he may reveal the location of Foster’s left foot, which police haven’t found, if Solicitor Chrissy Adams is willing to bargain with him.

“Depends on what kind of deal she wants to make,” he said.

Sandoval, who turned 45 last month, is being held without bail at the Anderson County Detention Center.

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California police told reporters that they have arrested a robbery victim along with the alleged robbers after he hit one of the suspects with his car.

Lodi police said that 42-year-old Humberto Ramos called 911 from his car while following two men he said had robbed him at gunpoint before fleeing on bicycles.

Police caught up with Ramos on Central Avenue and they allegedly saw him use the car to strike Adam Ramirez, 29, while the suspect was riding in the street alongside alleged fellow robber Victor Alvarado, 23.

Alvarado, who was found to be in possession of a loaded 9mm Beretta handgun, was arrested on suspicion of robbery, multiple weapons violations and possession of stolen property.

Ramirez, who was holding the money police believe was taken from Ramos, was arrested on suspicion of robbery.

Ramos, who police said had a no-bail warrant for his arrest, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and assault with a deadly weapon.

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