A Idaho woman who was about to be released from prison will stay a while longer behind bars, because federal prosecutors say she mailed a threatening stick figure drawing to a relative.

Linda Joyce Lakes was serving time at the Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center on probation violations stemming from a 2007 grand theft sentence, and she was scheduled to be released last Friday.

But earlier this month, the U.S. attorney’s office charged her with mailing threatening communications, a felony.

Prosecutors say that in 2010, Lakes mailed a drawing that apparently depicted a battered stick figure alongside threatening phrases such as “No tears,” ”No hiding,” and “No more you.”

Kyle Wright, an FBI agent in Pocatello who investigated the case, described the drawing in a court document.

“One stick figure appeared to be lying down with his face smashed. The baseball bat was lying nearby with damage that appeared to be consistent with its use on the first stick figure. The second stick figure appeared to be walking away with a smile,” Wright wrote.

Wright also said in his affidavit that Lakes sent a letter with the drawing that indicated her prison sentence was coming to an end and that the recipient should be prepared for his final moments.

The FBI agent also said that Lakes told the FBI her drawing symbolized her hate for a man who had abused her in the past, and that one day she wanted to beat and possibly kill him.

Lakes was released from the state prison and taken into federal custody. She waived her preliminary hearing on the charge and has not yet entered a plea.

Lisa Tolle, a paralegal with Federal Defender Services of Idaho in Pocatello, said her office had just been assigned the case and attorneys had not yet fully reviewed it.


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A man was arrested on suspicion of pointing a handgun at a pregnant woman because she was smoking a cigarette near downtown Bellingham in Washington State.

The man rolled up in a blue Dodge pickup with the passenger window down. A 28-year-old woman, who later told police she’s about eight months pregnant, was walking on the sidewalk and smoking a cigarette.

According to police, the man shouted something to the effect of, “Who the heck smokes when they’re pregnant?”

The woman answered, “I do.”

They “exchanged words” for a bit, then the man pulled out a handgun and pointed it at her, said Bellingham police spokesman Mark Young.

The man was still sitting in the truck, about 10 feet from the woman. He drove away, and the woman called 911.

A few minutes later, an officer pulled over a blue Dodge pickup near the intersection of Texas and James streets.

The driver, Justin Dain Palmer, 24, admitted to confronting the woman but denied pulling out a gun, Young said.

After Palmer consented to a search of his pickup, police found two Glock semiautomatic .45-caliber handguns in the center console.

Palmer has had some minor run-ins with the law: disorderly conduct and traffic violations.


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Police said they arrested a Florida couple who are accused of using a gun to threaten a motorist who spotted them having sex behind the wheel of a moving car.

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Department said Suzanne Welker, 31, was “naked and could be seen clearly by everyone in the area” around 3 p.m. Sunday in a moving vehicle near the Nassau County line.

She then climbed into the lap of the driver, Ernest Felix Gonzales, 27, and began having sex.

A nearby motorist, Louis Carr, 24, told deputies Gonzalez slowed down when he realized people were watching and pulled his vehicle up behind Carr’s pickup truck.

Carr said Gonzalez attempted to run him off the road and into a guardrail while he was on his way to his father’s restaurant and bar on U.S. 17 in Yulee.

Carr said Gonzalez and Welker got out of their vehicle in the parking lot of the restaurant and Welker was holding a gun. He said she pointed the weapon at a female employee who said guns were not allowed in the eatery.

The couple left when a witness said police were being called and officers arrested the pair on charges of indecent exposure and aggravated assault at their home.


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A police officer has been caught on camera riding his motorbike on the chest of a vegetable vendor in Allahabad, northern India, as other policemen and bystanders stood and watched.

The incident took place outside the Rambagh railway station.

The vendor, Rohit Kesarwani, claims that constable Bechu Singh Yadav had asked him to move his cart and demanded a bribe. He alleges that when he refused, the officer assaulted him, beat him with a stick and threw him to the ground.

The vendor alleges that the officer then rode the front wheel of his bike on his chest. Mohit Rastogi, one of the witnesses, recorded this on his mobile phone.

On camera, the vendor is seen lying on the ground wearing only a vest and the police officer holding the motorbike, the front wheel of which is on the vendor’s chest.

The photographer also claimed he was asked to delete the picture.

He said, “When the cops saw me clicking pictures they started threatening me. They said I should not interfere. But I refused to bow down.”

Despite the visual evidence, the police has said that no such incident took place and that a photographer present there staged the incident for the camera.

“There was an argument between the two of them. A photographer, who was also present there, told him to lie down under a motorcycle parked nearby. Then he took photos and leaked them to the media,” said AK Pandey, Superintendent of Police, Allahabad (Crime).

The Allahabad High Court has issued notice to the state government and senior police officials after a Public Interest Litigation was filed on the incident.

The police have now begun to take action.

The Allahabad Senior Superintendent of Police Mohit Aggarwal said the constable has been suspended and the police is investigating who the other officers present were.

Mr Aggarwal promised tough action. The case will come up for hearing on September 5.

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An Australian woman was robbed after being told “evil spirits” would threaten her family if she did not hand over her possessions.

Police have released CCTV vision of two woman wanted for questioning over the incident on Thursday.

About 12.30pm a woman, 60, withdrew money from a bank in Cabramatta’s CBD and was approached by two women.

The pair told the woman “evil spirits” would bring bad luck to her family if she did not hand over her possessions for “blessing”.

The woman then handed the pair her money and jewellery.

Police believe similar incidents have occurred in Chatswood and Haymarket in an attempt to take advantage of “beliefs within the Chinese community”.

The first suspect is a woman of Asian appearance with an average build. She is about 40 years old, with short, dark yellow hair and about 160cm tall. She speaks Mandarin and was wearing a brown leopard-print top, black tights and brown boots.

The second woman is also of Asian appearance with a thin build. She is about 40 years old, with long black hair and about 160cm tall. She speaks Mandarin and was wearing a dark, long-sleeved t-shirt.

Police are also seeking a third woman who was not captured on CCTV. She is of Asian appearance, about 30 years old, 155cm tall, with an average build. She has long black hair, speaks Mandarin and at the time was wearing a pink jumper.

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Police in Florida say a man who calls himself Jesus Christ repeatedly threatened and attacked his neighbour after accusing him of being the Antichrist.

Palm Bay Police Department officers received a complaint about 51-year-old Kenneth Peterson after he allegedly attacked his neighbour, Fred Padilla, on Charles Boulevard.

“He told police that the reason he was attacking us was because he was the saviour and I was Satan. I believe that was the word he used,” said Padilla.

Officers said Peterson attacked Padilla, or damaged the neighbour’s property, multiple times since February.

Peterson is accused of shooting at Padilla with a BB gun. Officials said most recently, Peterson threatened Padilla with a crowbar.

Padilla said he has a restraining order against Peterson and police have arrested him two times, but each time the state attorney’s office has not pressed charges saying there was a lack of evidence.

Padilla installed surveillance cameras to catch Peterson in the act and said it worked, because over the weekend Peterson was arrested for the third time.

Detectives were working on a ruse to get Peterson out of his home on Wednesday, but they say they apprehended him when he came out to get his mail instead.

Peterson did try to retreat back into his home, but officers stopped him just short of the front door.

Officers said they seized multiple items from Peterson’s home, after obtaining a search warrant.

“He has to be removed from a position where he can do damage to us and other people. If he needs treatment, then take him somewhere where he can get that treatment,” said Padilla.

Police said Padilla never did anything to provoke Peterson’s attacks.

Peterson faces aggravated assault charges and stalking charges. He is being held on $150,000 bond at the Brevard County Jail.

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An out of work 26-year-old Swedish man threatened to cut off a business owner’s fingers after being denied a job. He is now facing criminal charges for the violent threat.

The incident took place in Hudiksvall in eastern Sweden after the 26-year-old man’s unsuccessful attempt to land a job at a small business owned by a man.

Following the failed job interview attempt, the 26-year-old became enraged and drove over to the business owner’s home, equipped with a bag containing a pair of pliers, an iron pipe, a hunting knife, and a cutting board.

Upon arrival, the scorned job seeker first threatened to kill the man and his family.

He then told the shocked business owner he would to cut off his fingers if he wasn’t offered a job.

The frightened business owner finally relented to the 26-year-old’s demands, and agreed to offer him a job with the company. He also agreed to give his car to the 26-year-old, even signing an ownership transfer certificate.

A few days later, however, the business owner reported the incident to police, who promptly arrested the 26-year-old.

Police have received reports that the 26-year-old threatened three other people in Hudiksvall.

He is now facing charges for blackmail, assault, making illegal threats, and obstruction of justice.

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Polk County deputies jailed a Winter Haven man on felony charges of battery and aggravated assault on Friday.

The tools of the alleged attack: a 4-foot sword and peanut butter sandwich.

Mark Christopher Miller, 50, used the sword to threaten two women, one of them pregnant, and then smeared another with the sandwich before the deputies hauled him away, according to his arrest report.

As the deputies drove him to jail, Miller tore a piece of padding from the inside of the patrol car with his teeth.

The fracas began when Miller heard a disturbance outside his mobile home at 2500 U.S. 92 W. No. 18A. He exited sword in hand and “poked” it at the 6-month pregnant woman’s stomach.

She managed to grab the blade and stop him from stabbing her. Another woman stepped in to protect her and Miller threatened to kill her.

When a third woman intervened, Miller smeared her chest with a peanut butter sandwich he apparently carried.

When deputies arrived at Polk County Jail, they found the 4-inch chunk of padding bitten from a divider in the vehicle lying next to Miller’s feet.


Miller told the deputies he indeed carried a sword during the incident, but never left the doorway of his mobile home.

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A 72-year-old man is accused of threatening his neighbour with a gun for farting outside his apartment, police said.

Daniel Collins Jr. is accused of pointing a silver revolver at his 47-year-old neighbor in the vestibule of their Cedar Lane apartment building and saying, “I’m going to put a hole in your head.”

The confrontation occurred after Collins said his neighbour farted as he walked in front of Collins’ apartment, said Detective Lt. Andrew McGurr.

Collins told detectives he heard the un-neighbourly act from inside his apartment.

The neighbour called police, who found a revolver under the front passenger seat of Collins’ vehicle.

The gun, a .32-calibre Taurus revolver, fit the description the neighbour gave investigators, McGurr said.

Collins was charged with aggravated assault, unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and terroristic threats.

He was released on his own recognizance, McGurr said.

The men had an ongoing dispute stemming from noise complaints, McGurr said.

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After being arrested for DUI, a Florida man was taken to an East Naples hospital.

Deputies say that at the hospital, he bit a nurse and attacked staff, threatening to eat their faces off and rape their wives.

21-year-old Giovani Martinez was arrested Saturday by Collier deputies at Airport Pulling Road and U.S. 41.

Deputies observed a small car traveling at 60 mph in a posted 45 mph zone and failed to stop at a red light.

Deputies then conducted a traffic stop on the car and discovered that the driver appeared to be intoxicated with a spilled beer in the front seat of the car.

At first, Martinez told deputies that the beer belonged to his sister, but he later admitted that he had a few beers that night, which led deputies to conduct a sobriety test on Martinez.

He was arrested and take to the Naples jail where he became unresponsive.

Martinez was then transported to a nearby hospital where he suddenly went ballistic.

During the transition from the gurney to the hospital bed, Martinez began punching and kicking hospital staff.

After biting into the arm of one of the attending nurses and spitting the blood in their face, Martinez said that not only would he eat their faces like the guy in Miami but he’d also rape their wives.

More punches and flailing followed for the next twenty minutes before officers were finally able to get Martinez secured.

Martinez now faces three counts of felony battery and a DUI.

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