This is what happens when you give a nobody a little bit of power of others:

A UK police force has apologised to an animal rights campaigner after a Police Community Support Officer said that a protest group had links to “known terrorists”.

Ali Firth, 49, was filming a small demo outside outside Bramley pet supermarket Dogs 4 Us, when she was told by an officer to stop filming or her camera would be confiscated.

A police community support officer told Ms Firth that the protest group “is connected to known terrorists”.

She asked the officer to elaborate but was told: “No – it would breach data protection.”

Ms Firth, a disabilities support worker from Horncastle, Lincolnshire, formally complained about “unprofessional behaviour”.

A West Yorkshire police spokesman said the footage had been viewed and the officers involved had been “advised accordingly”.

A company spokesman for Dogs 4 Us said the protesters had shouted “untruths” and were “just a nuisance to society”.

A Police Community Support Officer is not a real police officer

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