Sunday Crime Showdown 18 March 2012

On March 18, 2012, in Sunday Showdown, by djeyli

Some of the weird stories that did not make the website, or the Facebook page this week:

Cameras at U.K. gas stations will block uninsured drivers from refueling

Airport security to passengers: Please leave grenades home

Event hall investigated for sham ‘wedding

China Pulls Death Row Interview TV Show off the Air

Residents Of Town Angered By Drug Arrests

Gettysburg museum store pulls John Wilkes Booth bobblehead

Boston police clamp down on slam dancing

Israeli Man Acquitted Over Forgery Of Relics

Police search for man who helped injured officer after serious crash

Drunk drives down bike trail, hits woman

Woman Who Raised Money For Her Fake Cancer Fined $100

Man Accused Of Beating Woman With Hammer, Raping Her Child, Stabbing Dog

Cop Pleads Guilty To Showing Penis Pics To Women At Traffic Stops

Woman passes out in car as child plays at McDonald’s

Dad beats up youth coach, bites off his ear

Man charged for knocking out daughter’s coach

Mom Blames ‘Evil Presence’ For Daughter’s Stabbing Death

Nicolas Sarkozy sorry after son throws tomato at policewoman guarding presidential palace

Sex Offender Accused Of Sodomizing 13-Year-Old Boy In Library

Man kept dead dad in living room for months

Illegal Archeological Dig Leaves 10 Dead in Egypt

Police Looking For Man Who Exposed Himself To Girls In Hobby Lobby

Cop: Woman, 22, Battered Live-In Boyfriend, 74

Caught on tape: Shop owner fights robber

Girl Forced To Wear Embarrassing Shirt As Punishment For Shoplifting

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Sunday Crime Showdown 11 March 2012

On March 11, 2012, in Sunday Showdown, by djeyli

Some of the weird stories that did not make the website, or the Facebook page this week:

Obama’s Birth Certificate is fake

Man Asks 71-Year-Old Attempted Rape Victim To ‘Pray For Me’

Man Charged After Shooting Boy In Eye With Crossbow

Girl Scouts robbed of cookie cash

New hit TV show: Death row interviews moments before execution

Federal Agents Hunt Fugitive “Homeless Hacker” Under Indictment For Online “Anonymous” Attack

Jeffrey Dahmer Groupon deal draws fire

Phony Postal Inspector Busted For Swiping Pot Shipments

Boy, 8, caught driving SUV

Mom accused of burning teen’s face

Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ will make protest illegal

Andrew Breitbart death sparks conspiracy theories

Stolen ‘Power Band’ bracelet leads to robbery arrest

Heroin disguised as candy seized at Florida airport

Prosecutor defends drunk flying plea

‘Santa’ posts bond for child sex charges

Man Injured, Another Man Charged After Game Of Russian Roulette

Mom Accused Of Letting Son Drown Because She Hated Him

Judge Resigns, Accused Of Showing iPhone Full O’ Penis To Worker

Mom Accused Of Pimping Out 6-Year-Old Daughter To Homeless Men

Miami cop probed for moving mattresses on patrol car

Man Attacked Mom For Using His Taco Sauce

Man Charged With Biting, Punching Children During Domestic Dispute

Candidate for mayor charged with domestic violence

UPDATE: Man arrested after giant chicken stolen

Home invasion suspects use flowers

Man Charged With Biting Off Another Man’s Nose During Fight

A tank, a bomb robot, 40 deputies and Steven Seagal is normal for chicken raid

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Sunday Crime Showdown 4 March 2012

On March 4, 2012, in Sunday Showdown, by djeyli

Some of the weird stories that did not make the website, or the Facebook page this week:

Man Bites Off Man’s Ear During Gambling Argument

North Carolina man loses $49k collection of poison snakes

Man accused in Secret Service car theft

Mother runs down burglary suspect on foot

911 terrorist’s face reportedly used in Facebook ad

Fireman Sam creator detained at airport for ‘racist’ scarf comment at security gate

Woman steals Crest Whitestrips at Ellenton Kmart, places them in mouth

Man owes $30,000 in driving fines, cops say

Case of slain socialite takes bizarre turns

Man gets 6 years in jail for stealing 6 year old girl’s Puppy

Naked Man Steals Fire Truck, Kills Pedestrian

Serial Public Masturbator Into Diff’rent Strokes

Unmasked man held up post office where he was a regular customer using an empty air rifle with his initials carved on the butt

Man jailed for having sexual relations with blind 17-year-old Yorkshire terrier

Karaoke singer shot in head for singing for the wrong song in Restaurant

Girl wins right to ‘Tequila’ name

Tanning peeper pleads guilty to child porn

Tip From 4chan Leads To Arrest Of Site Visitor On Child Porn Charges

Police Arrest Robber Across The Street From Bank

Animal Rights Activist Accused Of Hiring Hit Man To Kill Random Fur-Wearer

Naked Man Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison

Photo leads Wash. police to bank rob arrest

Federal Agents Seize Drugs Sent By Bear In Cave

Headteacher blasted for using fake gun in hoax kidnapping stunt

Thieves swipe Miss Wash. crown, sash, car

Rabbit named Susan found with ears lopped off

Ga. man is arrested after returning to bank after robbery attempt to get money for cab

Mom Accused Of Using 10-Year-Old To Help Shoplift From Target

Teacher Who Screened “Jackass” Movie In High School Latin Class Placed On Leave

Man arrested with fake Jack Nicholson ID

Woman Arrested After Letter Admitting Guilt Is Found At Dog’s Grave

Protestors throw urine bombs at Denver police

Man Arrested in Disneyland Freakout

Police Plan Wedding for Runaway Parolee

Judge’s dismissal of harassment charge goes viral

Man who crushed teen girl’s car pays for replacement

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U.K. Cops Warned Under-Wire Bras Could be Dangerous

Fake cop pulls over real cop

Australian man claims ‘G’day, sport‘ is racial abuse

Escorts Claim Utah Law Makes Acting Sexy Illegal

Mom Allegedly Assaults Drug Dealer Trying To Supply Son With Heroin

Scrapbook of 100-year-old criminal mugshots set to be auctioned

Parolee seen shooting gun on Facebook

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Sunday Crime Showdown 26 February 2012

On February 26, 2012, in Sunday Showdown, by djeyli

Some of the weird stories that did not make the website, or the Facebook page this week:

Heartless mother and evil son jailed for leaving two dogs to starve to death in boarded-up attic

Ton of marijuana smuggled in with limes

New weapon in war on prostitution – Flashlights

Man issued ticket shows up at officer’s house

Man’s Reputation Damaged Over Lower Handicap Sues for $13.2 Million

Court Orders Man to Apologize to Estranged Wife Over Facebook

Defense: Ga. Suspect Says Angel Told Him To Kill

Woman pleads guilty to library thefts

Bullet fired in Mexico shootout hits woman in El Paso, Texas

Man Fabricated Carjacking for a Free Ride from Police, but gets free ride to Jail instead

Police Search for Cypress College Bathroom Peeper

Cleaning lady busted for jewelry theft

Boy Flips after Catching his mother having Sex with his friend, 15, Mother claims she was raped

Doctor cleared of ‘horse woman’ abuse

Trooper Terminated For Ignoring Chase Suspect In Burning Wreckage

Jilted Man Busted Over Phony Craigslist Posts

Woman Jailed in Pa. Has Trail of Fake Pregnancies

Infected Inmate May Have Spit in Guards Food

Robbery fail in Rotterdam!

YouTube Preview Image

Massachusetts Teen Reportedly Shocked For Hours At Special Needs School

Man Arrested For Biting Off Man’s Ear

Meeting With Pit Bull Cost Prostitute An Arm And A Leg

Flight Returns Over Man With Electronic Cigarette

Gun Found Inside Piano Donated to Nursing Home

Teen Tourist Helps Police Nab Suspect at NY Airport

The ‘C’ word is just as bad as the ‘N’ word

Sex with the dead? Illinois bill would make it illegal

Grandpa faces prison for firing gun to catch burglar

Eighth-Grader Suspended For Using Oregano In Pot Prank

Workman charged with bestiality with a Labrador retriever

Repeat: Do Not Call 911 If You Need A Taxi

Comic book thieves face murder charges

Police end bovine heart investigation

Cheater’s Web site lawsuit tossed out

Facebook Photo with Wax Obama Gets Sicilian Drug Dealer Arrested

Georgia commuter bus driver stabbed with pen

Drug addict uses mother’s car, runs up $120,000 in unpaid fines

Be careful what you text if you’re heading for divorce

Man Arrested After Late Night Craigslist Encounter

Drunk driver crashes into county jail

SC mayor sneaks into town hall, pulls over trooper

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Sunday Crime Showdown 19 February 2012

On February 19, 2012, in Sunday Showdown, by djeyli

Some of the weird stories that did not make the website, or the Facebook page this week:

Man walks into bank to cash check – gets mistaken for robber

Student strip searched in front of classmates

FBI Probe Targets Musician Who Allegedly Swapped Naked Photos With Underage Female Fans

Woman Jumped To Her Death Fleeing From Angry Husband

Police Say Mom Stole Money From Son Deployed To Afghanistan

Suspect bummed a smoke from alleged victim

Mickey Mouse spurs school lockdown

Cow heart left on porch

Man drinks ‘poison’ when verdict is read

Ohio Man Arrested for Stealing Urns to Sell Metal

Woman asks to smoke crack before going to jail

Widow pleads guilty to having hubby’s gun

Naked Man Arrested for Firing Gun at House

VW beetle police car pulls over pickup driver

Crime pays – Steal $100,000, pay back $5,000

Pair stabs clerk after credit card was declined

Trip to 7-Eleven leads Bangkok police to tiger butchers

Man Apologizes for Shooting at “Wrong Car”

Woman Threatens To Get Stabby After Boyfriend Fails To Provide V-Day Gift

Woman Charged After Maggots Found In Her Sick Baby’s Diaper

Woman paid $320,000 over 12 years for no work

Fake Nikes had too many fingers on logo

Obama’s border enforcement keeps hair dryers out

Alleged counterfeiter is homeless

Boy steals car… again

Kentucky Family Sues Cemetery Owners For Dropping Mothers Casket

Man Choked Motorist, Tried To Punch Trooper

Man Accused of Stealing Cartloads of Tide Detergent Worth Thousands

Man Beat Child To Death For Not Vacuuming Apartment

Twins charged in Williamston robberies arrested

Retired South Carolina Man, 74, Arrested For Offering Sex To Pair Of Undercover Cops

Justice Breyer robbed at his vacation home

Eighth-Grader Shoots Self In Face With Shotgun In School Cafeteria

Man makes off with iPad hidden in pants

Man Arrested for Dumping a Disabled Man out of Wheelchair

One of AA’s 12 steps – groping

Woman Accused of Putting Dog in Trash Can – Twice

Fugitive gives his whereabouts on Facebook

Man Repeatedly Raped Woman With Beer Bottle, Recorded Assaults

Man kills girlfriend in fight over noodles, beer

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Sunday Crime Showdown 12 February 2012

On February 12, 2012, in Sunday Showdown, by djeyli

Some of the weird stories that did not make the website, or the Facebook page this week:

Juror faces jail for “friending” defendant on Facebook

Man who bit cop’s finger guilty of assault

Dad Kills Couple For Deleting Daughter On Facebook

Mail Carrier Fired For Throwing Mail in Dumpster

Son Of Rapist Charged With Abusing His Infant While Wife Took Pics

Burglars chose the wrong house – Mom with a gun

Pakistani man fights police over 40-foot shark

Naked man rescued from LA radio tower

‘Zombies’ given dressing down by armed police in Surrey

Man charged for throwing pennies at car

Hundreds ask Vt. to keep prank pig on police decal

Reservation sues beer brewers for alcohol-related suffering

Police officer seen on dashcam video brutally kicking motorist suffering from diabetic shock in $158,000 lawsuit

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2 Swede military cadets punished for prank

Woman ‘lost her mind’ when beau got a ride

NJ Robber Dies After Trying to Steal Phone from Former HS Wrestler

Air Marshals Gone Wild!

Facebook Posts Helped Sink Robbery Suspect

Family steals from their elderly and disabled relatives

Man Sold Stolen Rental Car On Craigslist Under Name “Marcus Hertz”

Squatters had drugs, handgun, 10 grenades, pig

California Man Accused of Killing Chihuahua With Golf Club

Trooper: Irate driver hit man with sledge hammer

“Bored” Clerk Caught Watching Porn During Rape Trial

Judge surprised there were no lock pickers in court after door to the dock in courtroom jammed shut

Grenade donated to Salvation Army

Pilot Busted for Using Crystal Meth

Man Promised Boy Go-Kart, Unzipped His Pants

“Possessed” Woman Charged With Slitting Her Baby’s Throat

NYC to pay $15M for loitering arrests

Council installs talking camera telling residents they’re not allowed in their own communal garden

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Stalker accused of bizarre plot to woo doctor — by kidnapping her

Student set on fire, parent concerned

SNU Student Stabbed By Vagrant While Feeding Homeless

Golfer Impaled With Broken Club During Fight

Women’s hoodie leads to suspect’s arrest

Man arrested after van crashes through hospital doors

German police use Facebook pictures to nab crooks

Someone steals man’s fossilized dino footprint

Intoxicated American makes wrong turn into Canada

Probation, not A for effort, for Pa. grade hacker

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Sunday Crime Showdown 5 February 2012

On February 5, 2012, in Sunday Showdown, by djeyli

Some of the weird stories that did not make the website, or the Facebook page this week:

Teacher Arrested After Punching Female Student In Face

Man admits to jumping on backs of student athletes

Man Stabbed Brother Over Brownie

Woman’s Request For A Cigarette Escalates To Her Murder

South Korean man arrested for retweeting North Korea

Cat Woman Pepper Sprays Jack Sparrow on Hollywood Blvd.

World War II vet shoots burglar

Barefoot Bandit‘ sentenced to 6 1/2 years

Dogfight over pot-addicted pooch

FBI Targets “Hoarder” In Top-Secret Thefts

Teacher Charged After Filming Himself Playing “Lollipop Game” With Second-Grader

Man dismembered and cooked after sex games

Girl arrested for setting school ablaze

Teacher Accused Of Putting Hot Sauce On Crayons To Keep Students From Eating Them

30ft lamp post stolen from Irish village

Man adopts adult girlfriend as his daughter

“Mommy left us on the sidewalk and drove away

Horrible Karaoke Selection Earns Man Four Bullets

Obama robs McDonald’s in Riviera Beach

Thieves are stealing smart phones out of people’s hands

Ranger uses stun gun on man walking dogs off-leash

German city’s parking fines are just the ticket

Mother Threw Toddler Out Window Before Father Set Her On Fire

Homemade acid bombs found on college campus in Florida

Underage threesome couple guilty

Man gets DWI while driving Zamboni?

Fancy dress robber admits armed raids

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Sunday Crime Showdown 22 January 2012

On January 22, 2012, in Sunday Showdown, by djeyli

Some of the weird stories that did not make the website, or the Facebook page this week:

Australian police downgrade charges for mooning the Queen

Women use baseball bat, hot grease in fight

Man Accused Of Using Puppy’s Mouth To Simulate Oral Sex

Bizarre double death as bodies of neighbours ‘at war over parking’ are found in their own homes

Man Mistakenly Stabbed To Death By Family Member

Fugitive’s suit against Kansas hostages dismissed

Suspected butt slasher busted in Peru

YouTube Preview Image

Teen with iPhone app helps cops nab burglary suspect

Six inmates high on LSD unleash a day of chaos in Faribault

Ill. police say 74-year-old had 77 pounds of pot

Man charged in cop crash was half naked

KKK teacher’s crimes not covered under law

Man In Honda Civic Arrested For Impersonating A Police Officer

Police Say Woman Was Huffing Before Crashing Into Building and Pedestrians

Grandmother Assaulted at Dearborn Chuck E. Cheese’s

Man Broke Into Closed Post Office Looking For Bath Salts Delivery

Man Arrested Over Saddam Statue Buttock

Man shot change machine

Louisana lawmaker seeks pajamas-in-public ban

SUV recovered thanks to smart phone inside

Suspect says he sawed fingers off corpse to steal gun

Man rammed bar with car

Cops Actually Arrest Subway Sandwich Artist For Giving His Pals Discounted Grub

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Sunday Crime Showdown 15 January 2012

On January 15, 2012, in Sunday Showdown, by djeyli

Some of the weird stories that did not make the website, or the Facebook page this week:

UK pensioner caught driving at 147mph…

… while over in Canade, police nab drunk driver going 10 km/h

Teacher Assaults Officer, Calls 911 From Backseat Of Patrol Car

The 5 Most Outrageous Lawsuits of 2011

Man fleeing cops runs to newspaper office

Defendant shoots German prosecutor dead in court

Drunk Man Arrested For Dragging Friend With Car

Doctor injected radiation into wrong spot 29 times

Police arrest convicted felon with gun in bra

Woman Calls Police, Dealer Sells Her Sugar

Obama’s illegal uncle goes after cop who arrested him

Woman blames Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson’s music for arson attack

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour Frees Murderer Who Was Recently Denied Parole

Alleged carjacker arrested when he stops for gas

Police Arrest Michigan Man For Biting Off Nose Of Female Friend During Party Dispute

Man robbed banks to pay girlfriend’s rent

Deputies make arrest in bizarre arson case

Man fled so he could smoke crack

Man torches woman’s car because she rejected his amorous advances

School Bus Driver Charged With Molesting Child On Bus

Drunk man claimed he was kidnapped by cabbie, calls 911 multiple times

Police: Man drove while claiming blindness

Boys Force 8-year-old to Perform Sex Acts on Them on School Bus

Man Who Beat, Blinded 6-Week-Old Son Says He Has A ‘Bad Temper’

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Sunday Crime Showdown 8 January 2012

On January 8, 2012, in Sunday Showdown, by djeyli

Some of the weird stories that did not make the website, or the Facebook page this week:

Fishing derby organizers fined for no-fish lake

Man arrested twice in one day for huffing

Director David O. Russell quizzed by police after bizarre transgender row

Road Rage Incident Leads To Charge Of Attempted Kidnapping Of Toddler

Man discharged in paper towel assault

Man sold moonshine near Gator Bowl

Vt. man pursues his stolen car

Dead pigs dumped in Florida creek

Judge off case after ruling executions illegal

Judge tosses charges in genital shooting

Woman accused of damaging $30M painting

Man Arrested For Drunken Driving Outside Of Jail

NY judge: No lives left for cat litter commercial

8th-grader killed f carrying pellet gun

News reporter punches boy in the face for ruining New Year’s Eve coverage

Judge Deems Ramming Jewish Woman with Shopping Cart ‘Free Speech’

Man Kidnapped, Tortured By Relatives Over Shotgun Debt

Family taking $350K in Vegas missing organs claim

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