A Pennsylvania granmother, who was busted for growing pot next to her tomato plants, told police it wasn’t her idea to grow the illegal plant but a bearded stranger wearing a Smurf hat who gave her the seeds.

Alberta Kelley went to court on the matter, faced a jury and was acquitted on all charges.

Pittsburgh Live reports that police were alerted to what was growing in the 67-year-olds garden from an anonymous tip.

Investigators say they found seven well-cultivated, four-foot marijuana plants behind her home.

She said she’d been given the seeds by a stranger in a pointy hat who told her they were flower seeds.

Kelley tells WTAE-TV that to her, “weeds are weeds.”

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Police chase leads to bedroom pot bust

On January 2, 2012, in Alcohol & Drugs, by djeyli

Illinois police have said that they have arrested two men who fled from a traffic stop and attempted to hide a bag of marijuana in a residence.

Bolingbrook Police Lt. Mike Rompa said officers attempted to pull over a black Ford Explorer seen driving recklessly around 1:45 p.m. Dec. 16 and followed the vehicle to a Springwood Lane home when it refused to stop, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Friday.

Rompa said a passenger ran from the vehicle and into the home with two officers in pursuit and they saw the man, identified as Brandon Miller, 24, throw an object into his room.

The object was found to be a bag of marijuana and Miller told the officers the bag was the reason the vehicle fled the traffic stop.

Miller and the driver, Brian Hooper, 19, were arrested and later released on bond.

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Locked car leads to pot citation

On December 27, 2011, in Alcohol & Drugs, Vehicles, by djeyli

New York state police said that a man was cited on a marijuana charge after a sheriff’s deputy helped him enter his locked car.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office said Joseph Connolly, 25, of Geneseo, asked a deputy for help after locking his keys inside his car at a gas station Saturday and the deputy opened the door to discover a strong odor of marijuana.

The sheriff’s office said some marijuana was seized from the car and Connolly was cited for unlawful possession of the substance.

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An state trooper from Oregon says that he was giving chase at more than 100 mph when suspects in the car ahead ripped open half-pound bags of marijuana and began flinging it out of the window.

All down the interstate, bags of pot littered the road.

Eventually, the car stopped, and officers detained two Washington state men on several charges, including tampering with evidence.

Trooper Core says jettisoning the pot was an unsuccessful attempt to get rid of evidence.

Between the car and what officers found along the interstate, Core says, five pounds of pot was retrieved.

And, Core says, officers worked Monday night and Tuesday morning to make sure they picked up all of it.

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Low quality pot keeps man out of jail

On November 28, 2011, in Alcohol & Drugs, Courts, by djeyli

A Swedish man luckily escaped jail time on a marijuana possession charge when the court agreed that his pot was of low quality, despite not testing it.

The 35-year-old got off with just probation and a $75 fine after he admitted he’d grown the stuff but convinced the court its potency had been sapped because he’d stored it in his attic.

He did have enough cannabis plants in his possession to warrant time behind bars, according to the report. But he argued they contained a low level of THC — the active ingredient in pot.

The court was convinced and never bothered to test the plants.

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In Texas, a plane full of pot is abandoned, and police still can’t trace who’s responsible. Conspiracy theorists claim that the plane belongs to a secretive CIA black op.

Someone landed the twin-engine aircraft at the Houston Executive Airport and disappeared into the night.

Investigators found marijuana inside but no crew or passengers. Officials say the pilot had refused to talk to the control tower. The plane’s nose went down in the airfield, and he skidded off into the grass.

Authorities are now waiting to see if anyone returns to try and retrieve the contraband.

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An 11-year-old boy was so sick of smelling the pot his parents were smoking, so he took pictures of their stash and had them sent to police.

The Minnesota boy told police his mom and stepfather smoked the drug constantly and that he often complained, but to no avail.

After the photos were sent, drug agents served a search warrant on their home in Ravenna Township near Hastings and arrested Heidi Siebenaler, a Dakota County probation supervisor, and her husband, Mark Siebenaler.

The police allegedly found eight pounds of marijuana in the master bedroom.

“These allegations raise moral concerns and legal concerns,” said Washington County Attorney Pete Orput.

“It’s disappointing when someone in law enforcement gets caught breaking the law. In this case it is particularly disappointing.”

A criminal complaint says the boy took the matter to his biological father, who told him to take photos of the marijuana. The father then forwarded the photos to authorities.

Mark Siebenaler said he smokes marijuana for medicinal purposes, which is not legal in Minnesota.

“I smoke marijuana and I’m not ashamed to say it,” he told KMSP-TV.

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Keenen Ratchford was pulled over in Shelby, North Carolina, for having burned out tag lights, the Shelby Police Department said. His driver’s license was also found to be revoked.

The arresting officer said he could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from Ratchford, but was puzzled as he could not find any drugs on him or in the vehicle.

Police said Ratchford motioned to his pants when asked at the jail if he had anything illegal on him. The officer removed Ratchford’s pants and underwear, but still couldn’t find any illegal substances.

Ratchford then said, “Aight, man, I gotta be real with you,” according to the police report, and answered yes when asked if the drugs “were in his buttocks.”

A clear plastic bag containing 11 individually wrapped baggies containing “a green vegetable substance” were removed from Ratchford’s “buttock,” police said.

The narcotics weighed 6.7 grams, according to police.

Ratchford was arrested on the charge of Possession With Intent To Sell And Deliver Controlled Substance.

The drugs were placed into evidence.

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Cops accused of eating pot brownie evidence

On September 28, 2011, in Alcohol & Drugs, Cops, by djeyli

“So HIGH… Good munchies,” wrote a cop a 2:44 in the morning.

Three Houston police officers are under investigation after they allegedly got stoned off the pot brownies they had confiscated earlier from a 19-year-old.

Nicholas Hill, who was arrested for marijuana possession on May 10, is the person accusing the cops of stealing and eating his stash.

Evidence is pretty strong. As shown above, police transcripts from their in-car computers reveal a lot.

Another cop wrote back, “Everything should be open when we get done.”

First officer: “Two hours, max.”

“Probably, but this will take the whole shift.”

Another transcript reportedly read, “So h i g h.”

According to the police report, cops searched Hill’s apartment and came across weed, ‘shrooms, a couple of shotguns and around $940 cash.

Of course, the report doesn’t mention any brownies, according the the Houston Press.

Defense lawyer Daniel Cahill told reporters that the cops took the baked goods and ate them right on the spot.

Hill’s charges still stand. Cahill said the officers could be facing a felony charge for destruction of evidence, in addition to patrolling the city under the influence.

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Dude! Free weed! It was a pot head’s dream.

A truck illegally carrying marijuana crashedin San Jose and ended up on its side near Oakridge Mall early on Wednesday, sending large bags of pot throughout the intersection as the frightened driver ran away.

Several motorists and pedestrians who happened to be passing through the area ran out and grabbed most of the marijuana bags and took off before police arrived.

Officers eventually collected the remaining bags of weed left at the scene and also found a loaded handgun inside the white truck. They’re still looking for the driver and all the people who snatched up the loose bags of pot and don’t have any suspect descriptions.

It’s unclear how the truck crashed at Blossom Hill Road and Playa Del Rey in South San Jose at 12:50 a.m. But there were no other vehicles involved in the crash, which ended with the truck landing on its side in the middle of the intersection.

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