NJ police chief: Double-parking wife not above law

On September 30, 2011, in Cops, Vehicles, by djeyli

A New Jersey police chief says no one is above the law — not even his wife.

Lodi Police Chief Vincent Caruso ordered an officer to ticket his wife after she double parked while dropping off their 5-year-old son at school.

“She’s not above the law,” he said on Thursday. “I didn’t want her to get any special treatment because of who she is.”

The chief paid the $54 ticket.

It’s not the first time for Paula Caruso. The chief ordered another officer to ticket her two years ago after she forgot to move their vehicle for street cleaning.

The chief told the newspaper he loves his wife and she’s very busy driving their four sons around.

Caruso said his wife did not want to comment on the tickets, saying she’s upset by the media attention.

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