A burglar who was chased off by a gun-wielding homeowner in Washington state called later in the day to offer a trade for items he left behind.

The homeowners called Bremerton police officers and told them that they had awakened to the sound of a burglar in the house and they chased him off with a gun.

The burglar called the homeowners in the afternoon. He offered to trade some of the items he had taken from their home for a bag he had left behind. This bag contained papers bearing his name.

The homeowners agreed and the burglar arrived at the home to find police waiting for him.

Police Sgt. Kevin Crane said the burglar, whose name was not released, was very polite during the incident and apologized to the homeowners while he was being arrested.

“It’s very unusual,” Crane said of the case. “I’ve never seen this happen before where a burglar contacts the victim trying to make a deal to exchange things he left behind for some of the items he stole from the victims.”

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For some men this would be a dream come true. But one man discovered that sometimes you can get TOO much.

A desperate man in Munich fled onto a balcony and called German police for protection after his insatiable companion on a one-night stand refused to let him leave her flat.

The 43-year-old man had met a woman four years his senior in a bar in the southern German city on Monday and she took him back to her apartment for sex, a police spokesman said.

“There they had sexual intercourse several times,” the spokesman said. “When the 47-year-old wanted even more, her partner said no.”

The man then tried to leave the apartment but the woman prevented him from escaping and demanded he have sex with her again.

“Because the 43-year-old saw no other alternative, he complied with the woman’s wishes another few times so he could finally leave the apartment,” the spokesman said.

“But when she continued to refuse and demanded even more sex from him, he fled to the balcony and alerted the police.”

The woman “then tried to talk the dispatched officers into similar activity but was unsuccessful”.

She is now facing possible charges of sexual assault and illegal restraint.

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Stupidity? There is an app for that!

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20-year-old Chadwyck Voegeli is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday on charges that he impersonated a police officer.

Voegeli of Fort Wayne was arrested a week ago after he attempted to pull a car over with what appeared to be a phone displaying red and blue flashing lights.

He pulled up next to the car laughing until he saw the person he attempted to stop flash a Fort Wayne police badge.

Two off-duty officers were riding in the car in front of Voegeli . The suspect tried drive off but the officers followed him to a bar off Leo Road.

Uniformed officers arrived at the scene and after a short chase on foot through the bar, Voegeli was arrested.

Voegeli faces a felony charge of impersonation of a public servant and a misdemeanor of resisting law enforcement.

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A 19-year-old woman from Indiana faces false informing and alcohol charges. This comes after she called in a phony robbery in order to get her boyfriend released from a traffic stop.

A Porter County Sheriff’s Department officer stopped Nicholas Petrovich, 19, of Chesterton, for a traffic infraction early Sunday in the South Haven area.

Petrovich was supposed to meet his girlfriend at the nearby McDonald’s, but she called and told him to meet her at the Portage 16 movie theater instead.

Officer said the man acted nervously and smelled of marijuana. As the officer was calling for backup, dispatchers reported an armed robbery of a woman in the parking lot at a nearby bank. The officer ended the traffic stop and went to the bank, but found no one.

The officer then went to the movie theater, where he found Petrovich in the parking lot and asked him for his girlfriend’s phone number.

The officer said the number matched that of the phony 911 call, and Petrovich told the officer right before the stop, he told his girlfriend he was getting pulled over and might go to jail.

Authorities said Petrovich admitted to drinking earlier in the evening and was taken to Porter County Jail on an alcohol charge.

Meanwhile, officers met his girlfriend, Karley Fink, 19, at her home, where she reportedly admitted to officers she called in the phony robbery so the officer would let her boyfriend go.

Cops said she also smelled of alcohol and was arrested.

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A stupid UK couple called police to report a theft from their house – of over £10,000 worth of cannabis.

Officers arrived at the home of Colin Roberts and Mandy Coghlan to be greeted by a smell of cannabis. They quickly established that the cannabis had been stolen and Roberts was arrested for production of the drug.

But that angered Coghlan who grabbed a loaded air pistol and pointed it at one of the police officers. Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard Roberts took the cannabis to alleviate his pain from Crohn’s Disease.

Now Roberts and Coghlan have been handed 12-month prison sentences, suspended for two years.

Officers found a “gazebo set up” in an upstairs bedroom with 16 pots with just stubs left as the rest of the cannabis plants had been harvested. There was also 46.33 grams of dry skunk cannabis.

The court heard the potential yield of the plants and value of the drugs was about £2,000.

Roberts, aged 47, of Bond Street, Tunstall, who has previous offences for drugs matters including cultivation of cannabis in 2009, pleaded guilty to producing cannabis.

Coghlan, of the same address, who has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to producing cannabis and possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

They accepted there was an element of commercial supply in the growing of the cannabis.

Joanne Wallbanks, mitigating for Roberts, asked Recorder Patrick Thompson to give her client a chance.

David Bratt, representing Coghlan, said her role in producing the cannabis was lower than Roberts. He added she acted on the spur of the moment with the firearm.

“It was just a foolish act of crass stupidity,” added Mr Bratt.

As well as the suspended jail terms, Roberts must complete 240 hours’ unpaid work and Coghlan must work with alcohol and drug support service Adsis for 12 sessions.

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On the morning of March 11th, a university student named Xiao Liu looking for work in Zhanjiang City [in Guangdong province] had her bag snatched by thieves on a passing motorbike.

Inside was not only her mobile phone and wallet, but also her own university diploma as well as those of her schoolmate.

Xiao Liu and her friend immediately called her own cell phone that was in the bag but when no one picked up, they could only call the police for help.

At that moment, she received an SMS message from her own mobile phone: “Where should I put the diploma for you to pick up? I don’t want want to affect your future. Don’t call the police, I’ll send you a message after I’ve placed it. Please forgive a person without a home.”

Communicating through text messages, the robber placed the bag at the intersection in front of No. 18 Middle School, and Xiao Liu then smoothly recovered the diplomas in her bag.

Soon after, the robber sent another text message, “You college students looking for work also have it hard, take your mobile phone too!”

Consequently, Xiao Liu smoothly recovered her mobile phone. She’s very happy to have encountered a “kind-hearted robber”, and expressed her hopes that the “person without a home” can “turn away from crime and find an honest and stable job.”

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A woman in Florida needing help finding the bathroom is now facing numerous charges. Her first mistake: calling 911 for her restroom emergency.

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office says 32-year-old Marcia Usher placed the 911 call on Wednesday night, saying she was lost in the woods and didn’t know where she should urinate.

Responding deputies found Usher, of Hudson, not in the woods, but instead in front of her home, reportedly intoxicated and drinking a beer.

A deputy noticed a nearby open beer cooler and asked Usher if he could check inside for any weapons or drugs.

According to the arrest report, Usher complied and told the deputy there was beer and a knife inside.

Instead of a knife, the deputy immediately saw a loaded handgun on top of the beer.

The deputy tried putting Usher in handcuffs, and a brief struggle ensued.

She was reportedly tackled to the ground and taken into custody without further incident.

At the jail, a vial of meth residue was allegedly discovered on Usher during a strip search.

She now faces charges of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, possession of methamphetamine, introduction/possession of contraband in a detention facility, and resisting arrest without violence.

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Robber calls victim for a date

On March 3, 2012, in Robbery, by djeyli

A 26-year-old man from Carrick was ordered held for trial today on a robbery charge.

The suspect, John Jardini, is in the Allegheny County Jail.

Police say it’s one of the strangest robberies they’ve investigated. Jardini allegedly took $60 from a girl he confronted on Brownsville Road and Nobles Lane.

She had just gotten off a bus and was waiting for her mother.

After the robbery, Jardini called the woman on his cell phone twice, asking her if she had a boyfriend and if she wanted to go out with him.

Police got a search warrant for Jardini’s phone records and were on the verge of tracking him down, but then Jardini reportedly assaulted the same girl and her mother outside Zack’s Market on Brownville Road.

He was arrested on the spot and positively identified as the guy who earlier robbed the girl.

Reaction to the unusual robbery in Carrick was one of shock.

“How could you be that damn stupid, that dumb?” Mary Lou Parker told KDKA-TV.

Dorian Johnson called Jardini an airhead.

“It was both stupid and dumb, definitely,” he said.

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Man assaults wife with spaghetti

On February 25, 2012, in Disorderly conduct, by djeyli

A man from Arizona was arrested on Monday after police say that he threw spaghetti at his wife and broke her cell phone because he didn’t like the dinner she cooked.

Isidro Curiel, 37, was with his children and wife around 1:30 p.m. in their apartment in Chandler, when he became angry because his food tasted bad.

He threw his spaghetti at the wall and hit the kitchen sink, police say.

Curiel then left and took his wife’s cell phone and when she tried to stop him, but he threw the phone on the ground and broke it.

Curiel left his apartment and went to his parent’s house at 3612 W. Oakland Street.

Police went to the home and questioned Curiel. He told police he was mad because the food tasted bad. He also said the phone he broke was his.

A judge gave Curiel’s wife an order of protection in May 2011. She recently told officials that their relationship was “going good” so the two began living together.

Curiel was booked on charges of disorderly conduct, criminal damage and interfering with judicial proceedings by violating an order of protection.

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Bus driver showed porn to Florida students

On February 18, 2012, in Sex Crimes, by djeyli

Florida police SAY that a school bus driver is facing felony charges after allegedly showing pornographic images to teenage students he was transporting.

Panama City cops last week began investigating Marcus Howard, 37, after administrators with Mowat Middle School contacted them with allegations that he showed “pornographic material on his cell phone” to several children over the past several weeks.

After three students told investigators that they saw obscene images on Howard’s phone, the bus driver was interviewed by cops.

Howard, pictured in the above mug shot, denied having any “pornographic material” on his phone. But after he agreed to let cops examine the device, “still photos and videos were found that contained nudity and sex acts,” according to a Panama City Police report.

In a subsequent conversation with a school security official, Howard reportedly admitted looking at the X-rated images at work, which he conceded was “wrong.” But Howard contended that he “did not allow the children to see it intentionally,” though he “could not say if any of them may have accidentally seen any of the material.”

Howard was named Tuesday in a criminal complaint charging him with four counts of showing obscene material to a minor. Free on bond, Howard has been suspended without pay, and will likely be terminated by school board administrators.

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