A Scottish great-grandmother has been admonished after she called a man an “English twat” in a row over a disabled parking space.

Charity worker Georgina McCole, 64, told Perth Sheriff Court she had responded to Leslie Bush calling her a “Scottish git” by replying that he was an “English twat.”

Sheriff Raymond McMenanim admonished McCole after being told that she had no previous convictions and had never been in trouble before.

The court was told McCole had been on her way to meet the director of housing to formally complain about the way Mr Bush had been “bullying” her granddaughter.

She said Mr Bush was unhappy that her granddaughter used the disabled space despite not being eligible for it, although she had an agreement with the space’s owner to use it when he was away from home.

Fiscal depute Chris Macintosh said: “This appears to have occurred because of a dispute over a disabled parking space.

It came to a head at 9.45am on April 9. A discussion took place about the parking of a car and the right to do so.

“The accused was there and took part in the discussion. She began to shout and swear that she would ‘get this f*****g sorted out’ and would get other members of her family to deal with it. She shouted and screamed in an aggressive manner. During the course of this she called one of the witnesses an English twat.”

He added that the police were contacted. McCole, of Fairfield Avenue, Perth, admitted acting in a racially aggravated manner by shouting and swearing at Mr Bush in Toll Gardens, Perth, on April 9.

Sentencing McCole, who wept in the dock, Sheriff McMenamin said: “It seems to me you could have acted in a better fashion and your remark was not one that can be accepted or tolerated by the court. I will admonish you.”

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It can be a struggle sometimes to find parking in San Francisco, and police said one woman literally fought tooth and nail for a chance to park her car on Thursday.

A 22-year-old woman suffered serious injuries after another woman mauled her over a parking spot, according to police.

The fight began when one person was angry that the other woman swooped into their spot.

Police said the two women were arguing when one asked the other to move her car because it was blocking a driveway.

As the confrontation became heated, witnesses said the two women began pushing and shoving and then one woman began biting the other repeatedly.

“I don’t know why she would bite me,” said the victim, who asked that she not be identified. “I don’t understand why anyone would bite anybody unless you were hungry, and I don’t really taste that good. I hope not.”

Trevell Council, a friend to the victim, said he witnessed the fight.

“She was like, ‘Aaargh, aargh,’ and she just kept biting her,” Council said. “(She) kept biting her and my girlfriend was like, ‘Help. Help.’”

Police identified the suspect as 32-year-old Sara Gillian of San Francisco and said she is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Police said it’s not uncommon for people to get into arguments over parking spots in San Francisco, but the biting is something they haven’t seen before.

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According to an Iowa City police criminal complaint, Derick A. Thoene, 28, walked into Iowa City hall at 11:37 a.m. March 23.

Apparently Thoene approached the lobby receptionist and said, “I have your parking attendant in the trunk of my car, do you want him dead or alive?”

Front desk staff from the police department requested an officer to speak with Thoene following his comments.

Police said that Thoene appeared to be upset and “elevated in emotion” over a parking ticket. He continued to be upset throughout the officer’s contact with him, police said.

Thoene was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct – abusive epithets/threat gesture, a simple misdemeanor.

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A Swiss man, Peter Thaler, was arrested for drink driving after going to collect his car – the morning after he drove it into the Ruess river near Luzern after mistaking a boating ramp for the entrance to an underground car park.

Thaler, 42, was driving along a rural road in heavy fog when he took a left-turn – expecting to pull into an underground garage.

However, his night nearly came to a very damp end when he pulled up just in time to stop his hatch-back plunging all the way into the river.

Thaler walked home after his failed parking experience, but when he returned to pick up his car the next morning he found the police waiting for him – and ready to give him a breathaliser test.

Unfortunately, Thaler had enjoyed such a raucous night before attempting his drive home that he even managed to fail the test the day after.

‘He was confused because of the fog – but mostly because of the drink,’ a police spokesman said.

‘He lost his licence and will be fined and will have to pay all the costs of the recovery of his car.’

With no underground parking facilities nearby, it still remains a mystery where Thaler hoped to be getting to.

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NJ police chief: Double-parking wife not above law

On September 30, 2011, in Cops, Vehicles, by djeyli

A New Jersey police chief says no one is above the law — not even his wife.

Lodi Police Chief Vincent Caruso ordered an officer to ticket his wife after she double parked while dropping off their 5-year-old son at school.

“She’s not above the law,” he said on Thursday. “I didn’t want her to get any special treatment because of who she is.”

The chief paid the $54 ticket.

It’s not the first time for Paula Caruso. The chief ordered another officer to ticket her two years ago after she forgot to move their vehicle for street cleaning.

The chief told the newspaper he loves his wife and she’s very busy driving their four sons around.

Caruso said his wife did not want to comment on the tickets, saying she’s upset by the media attention.

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