A woman from Natick, Massachusetts, who had been in the midst of a day-long dispute with her neighbor, spread dog poop all over the woman’s front door and car.

39-year-old Lisa Hanson was arrested after the incident according to a police report filed in Framingham District Court.

Police went to the address for a report of a neighbor dispute, according to a report filed by Natick Officer James Keohane. Keohane wrote that he was greeted by Hanson’s neighbor on the front porch.

“I then looked at the house. The door was completely covered in dog waste,” he said in the report. “It was everywhere.”

The woman said she and Hanson have been having a lengthy dispute, and the woman had called police earlier in the day after Hanson yelled at her.

The incident that led to the dog faeces being spread on the door started when the woman cleaned up the yard and left a pile of brush and a barrel of Hanson’s dog’s waste in the driveway.

“The next thing the victim saw out her window was the defendant carrying the red barrel walking back toward the victim’s front door,” said Keohane.

“The defendant then stopped at the walkway and started to throw the waste in the barrel at the victim’s front door.”

After covering the door, Hanson then threw the dog droppings on the woman’s Lexus.

Police arrested Hanson and charged her with vandalizing property, intimidation of a witness and disorderly conduct.

Prosecutors did not ask for any bail for Hanson, and Judge Robert Greco released her.

When asked if she wanted a court-appointed lawyer, Hanson declined.

“I don’t believe I need a lawyer. It’s all over dog poop, sir,” Hanson said.

Hanson is due back in court on Oct. 9 for a pretrial conference.


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A nosy, busybody neighbor and an incompetent cop are being sued by an irate mother.

Allowing your kids to play on scooters outside the house on a quiet street seems innocent and common enough.

But a Texas mom was arrested and spent the night in jail after a neighbor complained that the children were ‘unsupervised’.

The parent, Tammy Cooper, disputes the “humiliating” charge, saying she was watching the kids, ages 6 and 9, the whole time from a lawn chair.

But police took the neighbor at her word, and a few hours after the call, arrested Cooper for child endangerment.

Cooper told KPRC that the arresting officer told her, “We’re here for you.”

The accused parent spent the night behind bars.

“Orange jump suit, in a cell, slammed the door, for 18 hours,” she said.

Cooper is suing the La Porte Police Department, the officer, and the neighbor who made the call.

In a statement, the police department said it was “confident of the known actions of the officers on the scene that evening.”

The neighbor wisely had no comment.

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52-year-old Curtis Leatherberry from Florida, told deputies that he grabbed a soda and a pastry from the house next door. It was an agreement he had with his neighbour. He didn’t think there would be any trouble.

At 1:45 on Tuesday morning, his neighbour came over.

Tony Barney struck up an argument. He said food had been missing from his house and blamed Leatherberry, a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office report states.

Barney, 31, punched out a window of Leatherberry’s live-in camper. Leatherberry told Barney that if he put his hand in again, he would stab it.

Police say Barney then punched out every other window. He lobbed a cinder block into the trailer, breaking Leatherberry’s dresser and microwave.

Barney broke off the supports to the camper’s out-board sleeping area, then he began “literally tearing the walls off the trailer.”

He then stuck a water hose in the camper, turned it on and left. Deputies wrote they arrived to find shards of glass around the trailer and clinging to its window frames.

A 32-inch TV lay in its face nearby. The camper’s siding was torn off, the frame broken, the inside soaked.

In the middle of the floor sat the cinder block.

Asked why he did it, Barney told deputies, “while I was talking with Curtis, it looked like he was going to get froggy. That is the only way I can describe it.”

Barney was arrested on a charge of criminal mischief.

He remained on Wednesday at Land O’Lakes jail in lieu of $5,000 bail.


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A Colorado man has been arrested in Greeley on suspicion of burglary and theft after he allegedly took several items from his neighbor’s home.

The man is accused of taking sex toys and personal care items on Aug. 29 from a home, said Greely Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Susan West.

West said that the victim happened to have several pictures of the missing toys and found a pair of binoculars on her bed that didn’t belong to her.

She said entry had been forced through a basement window.

The neighbor and his wife consented to a search of their home. West said an investigator who had studied the pictures of the stolen toys was able to identify one of them in a backpack in a bedroom.

West said the remaining toys were returned by the suspect’s wife one day later.

The suspect is charged with burglary and theft.

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Woman kills elderly neighbor with bra

On August 23, 2012, in Homicide & Death, by djeyli

Investigators in Russia report that a woman in East Siberia strangled an elderly neighbor to death with her bra.

The Investigative Committee in Buryatia said in a statement on Tuesday that the 26-year-old woman from the town of Zakamensk, just miles north off the border with Mongolia, has been charged with murder.

Investigators say that the woman was drunk on a July evening when she and her boyfriend called on their 65-year-old neighbor for money to buy drinks.

Angry that he refused to lend them money, the woman punched him in the face and tried to strangle him with her hands, before taking off her bra and strangling him with it, they say.

The woman is now in custody awaiting the end of the probe, investigators say. Her name was not released.

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The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has launched an investigation after reports that an eight-year-old boy in England put his neighbour’s cat into a microwave and turned it on.

The owner claimed that he was upstairs in his home in Rochester when he heard the microwave being used.

After coming downstairs, the owner found his neighbour’s eight-year-old son had put the cat in the microwave and was standing watching it inside.

The incident was reported to the RSPCA on Saturday and officers are now looking into the case.

The owners of the cat took it to the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals charity for treatment and it is recovering but may have permanent internal damage to its organs from the microwave.

RSPCA inspector Ray Bailey said: “This was an absolutely horrendous incident and all the more shocking because of the alleged involvement of such a young child.”

As the child is under the age of ten, the RSPCA and the police are unable to prosecute him.

However Inspector Bailey has contacted the Youth Offending Team at Medway Police Station and Social Services regarding the incident.

RSPCA senior prosecutions case manager Terry Stroud said: “This is clearly shocking incident and one that the RSPCA feels certainly needs to be investigated by the appropriate authorities to find out why this happened and to work to prevent this kind of cruelty happening again.”

The RSPCA has had to prosecute 82 juveniles over the past three years, for offences including kicking a hedgehog to death, kicking guinea pigs to death and stealing a pet chicken before torturing her and ripping her head off.

The organisation has also carried out research into the reasons why young people harm animals. It showed that in the majority of cases the parents showed no concern about the harm to animals and the young people showed no remorse.

The RSPCA said it is pushing for tougher penalties for those who commit the most serious crimes against animals.

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A man interrupted a Michigan home invasion at a neighbor’s house by ordering the alleged suspects to sit still until police arrived.

Hearing the sound of breaking glass on Saturday evening, the unnamed Ypsilanti Township man checked his neighbor’s house and saw one person leaving through a window and another standing by a patio door.

According to a Washtenaw County, Mich., Sheriff’s Office news release, he ordered both of them to sit … and they did.

Dezman Makowski-Smith, 18, and Donte Smith, 17, were arrested and arraigned on charges of second-degree home invasion and malicious destruction of property.

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29-year-old Othniel Polanco, a New York City resident, was recently arrested for groping his seatmate on a JetBlue flight to JFK.

The victim was asleep at the time but when the 18-year-old victim woke up and discovered the alleged groper, he punched Polanco in the face.

Polanco originally said that he was asleep and didn’t realize where his hand was. He later recanted that statement and submitted a new defense.

His response in the complaint is that his behavior “crossed a boundary,” reports New York Daily News.

Polanco allegedly slid his hand up the victim’s shorts while the young man was sleeping on JetBlue flight. The incident led to Polanco’s arrest as soon as the flight touched down in New York.

It doesn’t matter that the victim was purportedly asleep at the time of the incident. Sexual assault includes any nonconsensual sexual touching. A person who is asleep or otherwise unconscious cannot provide consent.

That also includes someone who is passed out drunk.

The asleep-at-the-time aspect may impede the victim’s ability to be a witness for the entire event but since he allegedly woke up while it was still happening, he will likely have some evidence to present.

There was also a witness to the entire incident, reports Gothamist. A passenger sitting two seats over claims he saw Polanco assault the victim.

Polanco’s been released on $100,000 bail and is under house arrest at his parents’ house.


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Police say that a couple in Michigan got an unexpected visit from their drunken 27-year-old neighbor who wandered into their cottage and climbed into bed with them.

The man showed up in their Putnam Township bedroom around 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

Police say that the couple left and called 911, and that officers found the man deeply asleep with his shorts partly down.

Police say that the intruder said, “This isn’t my house,” upon waking. He explained he went out drinking nearby after putting his 2- and 4-year-old children to sleep at his own home a few doors down.

The children were found sound asleep and placed with neighbors.

Their father was booked on suspicion of illegal entry and released on bond.

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A man in Arizona is behind bars after walking into a stranger’s home while completely naked.

Police say that 33-year-old Joshua Daniel Reardon walked into the Phoenix apartment after knocking on the door.

He then grabbed a 6-year-old girl, who screamed loudly.

The girl’s mother, who’s nine months pregnant, came out and confronted him.

“I didn’t know what he was capable of doing. I just told him to get out of my house. And I slammed my door and called 911,” she said.

Police were already on their way because the upstairs neighbor and her two little girls ran into Reardon as they were headed back to their apartment from the pool.

During his court appearance Reardon accused police of making things up.

“They barely had enough to arrest me, and they were going to let me go,” he told the judge.

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