17-year-old Nicholas Haviaras was arrested after Michigan police found him lying completely naked in the middle of a street while apparently high on LSD.

Police said that the boy also jumped on the hood of their patrol car and broke out the windshield with his fists.

Haviaras is charged with one count of resisting/obstructing police and one count of malicious destruction of police property, both felony charges.

Waterford Township Police Chief Dan McCaw said that the whole thing started after his officers got a call around 3:15 a.m. Friday.

Police found Haviaras lying on his back in the street when they approached him. When officers attempted to speak with him, he became agitated and reportedly began pounding on the hood of the officer’s patrol car.

McCaw said officers subdued the youth with a Taser.

Witnesses at the scene allegedly told officers that Haviaras was on drugs. Later, McCaw said the teen told investigators he took “blotter acid,” a form of the hallucinogen.

Police say that Haviaras is from Pennsylvania. A district judge ordered him held in the Oakland County jail on a $25,000 cash bond.

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A man in Arizona is behind bars after walking into a stranger’s home while completely naked.

Police say that 33-year-old Joshua Daniel Reardon walked into the Phoenix apartment after knocking on the door.

He then grabbed a 6-year-old girl, who screamed loudly.

The girl’s mother, who’s nine months pregnant, came out and confronted him.

“I didn’t know what he was capable of doing. I just told him to get out of my house. And I slammed my door and called 911,” she said.

Police were already on their way because the upstairs neighbor and her two little girls ran into Reardon as they were headed back to their apartment from the pool.

During his court appearance Reardon accused police of making things up.

“They barely had enough to arrest me, and they were going to let me go,” he told the judge.

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A naked Kansas City man armed with a bow and arrows was taken into custody late on Monday night after a short stand-off with police.

Police were called to E. 83rd Street at about 9:30 p.m. after someone reported that a naked neighbour was knocking on their door.

Police officers saw the naked man throwing pieces of food to imaginary animals before he went inside a house.

He refused to come outside and then shot an arrow out of a window towards the area where officers were hiding, according to police.

Police then called an Operation 100 and tactical officers surrounded the house for about an hour before the man came outside.

Officers used a Taser to subdue him and he was taken to a hospital to be treated, police said.

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A 46-year-old man in Tennessee has been arrested after he was using a chain saw in his yard to cut up a toppled tree while nude.

Lindsay Medd Stevens was arrested and is charged with indecent exposure.

He was released from the Knox County Sheriff’s Detention Facility after posting a $750 bond.

Knox County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Scott Ritch said thT he approached the residence after a neighbor complained about the sight of Stevens swinging a chain saw at the large downed tree while nude.

“When I arrived at the complainant’s residence, I saw arrestee standing behind the tree in his yard,” Ritch wrote in his report.

“When arrestee saw me, he ran inside his residence. Arrestee had no clothes on and was clearly visible from the complainant’s residence and the surrounding homes.”

Susan Geissberger, the neighbor who alerted deputies of Stevens’ activity, said THAT Stevens has lived in the community for more than a decade and regularly subjects neighbors to his unclad body.

“It’s so common, it’s become the neighborhood joke, which is really sad,” Geissberger said.

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A Maine man allegedly caused a ruckus at a disc golf course by rolling in the mud and sitting in the disc goals.

When the cops arrived, they found him in the bottom of a port-a-potty.

Police arrived at Enman Disc Golf in Brunswick in response to complaints that a naked man had been rolling in the mud, overturning trash cans and sitting in the disc goals, yet the suspect was nowhere to be found.

Eventually they discovered a backpack full of clothes. Shortly after they spotted him in the bottom of the portable toilet.

The 29-year-old didn’t respond to cops’ commands, the deputy police chief said, but eventually cops fished him out, sprayed him down and cuffed him.

The man was taken into protective custody and hospitalized.

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Naked man goes on wild carjacking spree

On July 2, 2012, in Theft, Vehicles, by djeyli

Police in Scottsdale, Arizona, are trying to figure out why a man stripped naked, carjacked a woman, and then sped through Shea Boulevard causing a multi-car crash.

At around 1:30 p.m., there was an initial accident at Via de Ventura and Hayden.

Police say the driver, identified as 45-year-old John Brigham, got out of his car and started acting erratically.

He stripped naked and jumped on top of the roof of another car.

“He was yelling and chanting,” Scottsdale Sgt. Mark Clark said.

Investigators say Brigham then carjacked a woman who was driving a blue Toyota Prius. He then took off. The victim in the second car was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

Police believe the suspect drove northbound on Hayden and then caused a second crash eastbound on Shea between State Road 101 and 90th Street. There were five vehicles involved in the second crash.

It’s possible Brigham was driving the wrong way and at very high speeds, police said.

The wife of the man driving a white pick-up truck who was involved in the second crash said her husband saw the suspect swerved into his lane and hit him head on.

“He got out naked running all over the place trying to get into other people’s cars,” she said.

Brigham was ejected from the Prius, and as witnesses described, he continued attempting to carjack other drivers.

“He actually observed the suspect still naked trying to carjack two other vehicles,” said Clark referring to an officer who was one of the first to respond.

“When he called and said he was hit by a naked man in a Prius I thought it had to be a joke,” added the wife of the man driving the pick-up truck.

At the second crash, there were four injuries. Two of them were life-threatening. One of the injuries was a pregnant female driving a white Lexus.

Brigham, who wasn’t seriously injured, was taken into custody without resisting arrest. He was also taken to the hospital. Police are trying to figure out why the suspect did what he did.

Based on witness accounts, police believe Brigham’s behaviour may be linked to drugs or mental instability.

Once he is handed over to Scottsdale police, he could face charges of carjacking, robbery and leaving the scene of a hit-and-run.

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A Zimbabwean magistrate has ruled that two self-confessed witches who claim to have flown on a winnowing basket (rusero) must undergo medical and psychiatric examinations.

Prosecutors said on Thursday that Rosemary Kamanga, 48, and Esnath Maodza, 56, who were arrested earlier this month after they were found naked in the yard of a home in the town of Chinhoyi, 110 kilometres (70 miles) northeast of Harare, have been charged under witchcraft laws carrying the penalty of a fine.

hey also face indecent exposure charges. In local belief, the flat, traditional hand-held winnowing basket is equivalent to a witch’s broomstick in Western fable.

The magistrate said the court would reconvene on July 11 to hear evidence from the medical report and the testimony of traditional leaders.

The women claimed the threshing basket – which witches are said to use for transport – “ditched” them in the yard after a naked night ritual nearby.

They were discovered by Eneresi Mufunga, 55, who told how she woke up at 4AM after “a voice” told her that “something was amiss”.

The devout Christian, who keeps “holy water” in her home, said she began sprinkling her house with the liquid and noticed the naked frame of a woman crawling out of the door of her bedroom on all fours.

The woman later stood up and “appeared tongue-tied”. Mufunga said she then heard screams metres away, coming from a grass and pole bathroom.

She investigated and found a second woman, also stark naked.

At the time of their arrest, a police spokesman said the two women confessed to being witches.

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Enter Larry Norman Hill, 57, the studious-looking individual pictured to the left.

On Sunday, a pizza delivery woman left her 1999 Pontiac Grand Am where it had stalled in rising floodwaters following a severe storm.

Later that night, neighbors witnessed a completely naked Larry Norman Hill hitting the car with what is believed to be a golf club; a gold driver, specifically. He allegedly knocked the side-view mirror off, caved in the roof, ripped a headlight out and opened a door and let the water come pouring into the interior.

One neighbor yelled at 57-year-old Hill, telling him to stop and asking him how he would like it if someone did that to his car, to which he responded that he had laid claim to it and that it was now his.

On Monday, the owner of the vehicle returned to reclaim it, witnessed the damage, and called the sheriff’s office. Responding officers didn’t have to ask too many questions before witnesses came forward tp point the finger at Hill.

Police located Hill, fully clothed and walking on Moog Road, carrying a putter.

The officer questioned Hill about his motives for bashing the Pontiac.

He explained that he was on the roof of the car because he thought that there was a baby inside and he “wanted to save it.”

The police report goes on to state: “I asked him why he opened the doors to the vehicle and he told me he wanted to air it out.”

Hill was charged with criminal mischief. He remained Tuesday at the Pasco jail in lieu of $1,000 bail.

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An naked man was arrested in Port St. Lucie after Florida police say that he tried to break into a home.

Port St. Lucie police encountered the nude man after a complaint of a naked man walking down Southeast West Dunbrooke Circle.

Several folks flagged down an officer, saying that a naked man was trying to break in a home.

The officer noticed 52-year-old Daniel Hurtubise trying to pull open the rear sliding door of a home.

Hurtubise said he lived at an address in the 2000 block of Southeast West Dunbrooke Circle and that he was at home.

“I then noticed that Daniel was heavily intoxicated,” a report states. “Daniel could not tell me why he was nude, and offered no explanation.”

People at the scene told police that they were returning from a convenience store when they spotted a naked man walking in the street.

“They stated they could clearly see his sexual organs and they stopped to yell at him and ask him what he was doing,” the report states.

Naked pedestrians are not often encountered on public or private roadways.

Hurtubise was arrested on charges including resist officer without violence, disorderly intoxication, indecent exposure and loitering or prowling.

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La Peche cops got an eyeful when a 52-year-old woman from Quebec stopped for erratic driving turned out to be naked, police say.

And the bizarre saga didn’t end there; police say the woman, who allegedly blew more than three times the legal limit, was abusive towards officers and refused to get out of the car.

Police had to cut her seatbelt in order to remove her from the car.

The bizarre case began at about 10:30 p.m. on June 20, when someone called police to report an erratic driver.

Police said the car was stopped at the side of the road, where the woman was arrested despite her refusal to co-operate with officers.

Police said they have no idea why she was behind the wheel sans clothes but she quickly got dressed at the police station, where her alcohol level was tested.

The woman, who faces charges of impaired driving, refusal and obstruction, is to appear in court on Sept. 19.

She was also fined $267 for verbally abusing police.

La Peche is located north of Gatineau.

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