A jealous husband who discovered a flirty message from another man on his wife’s Facebook account beat him to death with baseball bats, police have said.

Taiwanese husband Chou You-huang was convinced the man was not only flirting with his partner but hoping to take the relationship further.

His wife apparently wrote on Facebook: ‘I want to get McDonalds! Which nice man will take me there?’

Chuang Shih-chang, 40, then responded: ‘I am about to arrive at your house’.

You-huang, 34, from the south of Taiwan, was horrified when he read the message and decided to take matters into his own hands.

He made contact with Chuang and arranged to meet him outside a restaurant.

When the Facebook friend arrived he was shocked to find himself confronted by not only the woman’s husband, but also two of his friends – all of them wielding baseball bats.

They beat him ferociously before walking away with him slumped on the pavement.

They then apparently called the emergency services and said they had seen a man lying on the ground.

Chou told police later that he and his friends did not believe the victim had suffered life-threatening injuries. But he had. Chuang was discovered dead.

Police arrested the husband and his own friends. They are expected to be charged with murder.

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Suspect arrested after flirting with cop

On January 12, 2012, in Cops, Sex Crimes, by djeyli

San Francisco police say a man wanted on suspicion of rape was arrested after approaching a uniformed female officer on patrol and flirting with her.

The unidentified 26-year-old man was taken into custody over the weekend on a no-bail warrant for rape issued in Hayward.

Capt. Paul Chignell told reporters that the arrest came after the man tried to strike up a conversation with the female officer.

The officer was inside a parked police cruiser.

Chignell said the suspect asked the officer if she was married. The officer said she wasn’t available, but asked for the man’s name.

A subsequent record check turned up the warrant, and the suspect was arrested.

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