Brothers arrested for video game brawl

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Two brothers from Wisconsin were arrested after a game of “Madden NFL” turned into a physical altercation, police said.

Michael Mayweather, 21, and Abrey Mayweather, 19, were playing a game of “Madden NFL” Monday in Abrey’s Racine apartment when Michael became upset about losing and his brother’s name calling.

Residents of the apartment building Abrey lived in called police when the brothers began fighting in the hallway.

The two reportedly ripped the apartment door off its hinges after Michael attempted to lock Abrey out of the apartment.

When police arrived, Abrey allegedly told them Michael choked him and had punched him in the face, the report said.

Both brothers were arrested at the scene and charged with domestic abuse.


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60-year-old Dennis Eskew of Bozeman, Montana, has been arrested for partner/family member assault after police say he shoved a green tomato in his wife’s mouth.

On Monday, Sept. 17, Eskew’s wife called 911 saying that Eskew threw her down to the floor and was throwing things at her.

When Gallatin Co. Sheriff’s deputy, Cindy Crawford, arrived on scene, Eskew’s wife said she and her husband had been arguing and he shoved an unripe green tomato into her mouth so far that she “started to gag reflex.”

The wife said he also pushed her to the floor and kneed her in the abdomen.

The wife told Crawford the incident “terrified” her and said, “I was afraid of him really hurting me.”

Eskew told Crawford that the couple had been arguing.

He said, “I got tired of hearing her scream so I stuffed a tomato in her mouth.”

When asked why he did this, he replied, “mostly to shut her up.”

However, he did deny pushing her to the ground.

Eskew is in the Gallatin County jail, being held on $500 bond.


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A dispute between two women in Georgia over whether property line markers had been moved ended in spitting, profanity and a close confrontation.

Gwinnett County Police were called to the Ridgemill Terrace residence after the homeowner confronted the neighbor regarding the survey sticks.

The Hamilton Mill homeowner told police she hired surveyors to mark her property line.

According to the homeowner, her neighbor subsequently moved the sticks the surveyors had placed. When the homeowner confronted the neighbor, the two women began to argue.

The homeowner explained to police that the neighbor began walking towards her and “got so close that we touched boob to boob.”

The homeowner further advised that her neighbor called her several profane names and yelled expletives before spitting on her.

The homeowner “stated she kept the saliva [the neighbor] spat on her because she wanted the police to have it collected and tested for DNA,” the officer wrote in the incident report.

“I advised her that C.S.I. (Crime Scene Investigation) only collects and processes any blood and any latent fingerprints out of any crime scene. She asked me if she could go and wash her face and I said yes please do so.”

When interviewed by the officer, the neighbor denied moving the survey sticks and denied spitting on the homeowner. The neighbor explained that while she and the homeowner were arguing, she advised the homeowner to step back because she was about to sneeze.

The neighbor said she sneezed and inadvertently got some saliva on the homeowner.

According to the neighbor, the homeowner was furious and spat in retaliation.

Due to the fact there were no witnesses and neither woman had any visible injuries, no arrests were made.


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A Florida man called Gainesville police on his neighbor after the suspect took poop-filled underwear and smeared it across his face onSaturday afternoon.

Police said that 46-year-old Johnny Wade Broestler went over to his neighbor’s home hoping to get some money because he needed to pay his rent.

When Broestler confront 60-year-old Walter Liddel for the cash, the two men ended up arguing.

But things got physical and turned a nasty corner once Broestler spotted a pair of underwear with fecal matter on Liddel’s floor.

Broestler grabbed the filthy underwear and wiped it all over Liddel’s face.

Still, Liddel didn’t hand over any money, so Broestler left.

When Deputy Craig Smith arrived, he noticed the fecal matter on the victim’s neck and ear.

Broestler was taken to jail on a $5,000 bond.

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Prosecutors have charged a Longmont, Colorado, woman with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty after police arrested after for stuffing a days-old Chihuahua puppy down her pants.

Johna Turner pleaded not guilty to the charge and is scheduled to return to Boulder County Court in Longmont on Oct. 18 for a case management conference in the case.

She remains in the Boulder County Jail on a $2,500 bond.

Police were called to her apartment on Tuesday evening on a report of a domestic dispute.

Officers reported that she was intoxicated and agreed to leave the apartment and return for her Chihuahua mix and her three puppies after she had sobered up.

However, while officers were still at the apartment, a witness told officers that she had stuffed a puppy, which had been born on Aug. 31, down her pants.

An officer ordered her to take the puppy out of her pants, so she shook her leg and the puppy fell out of her right pant leg, police reported.

Turner was arrested, and the mother and three puppies were apparently surrendered to the Longmont Humane Society.

All were in good condition at the shelter.

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A woman in Crestview, Florida, who said her husband was cheating on her was arrested after she allegedly jumped on his back and forced his mouth apart with her fingers.

On Aug. 30 two Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a residence about a disturbance.

Once there they interviewed a husband and wife, the apparent source of the disturbance.

The man said he’d been involved in an argument with his wife over a text message.

He came at about 8:30 that night and the argument continued, with his wife following him around the house, yelling in his face.

While in the bedroom, she allegedly jumped on his back and put her arm around his neck.

He removed her arm, but then she grabbed him from behind and placed her fingers in his mouth, pulling his mouth apart, the arrest report indicated.

This was said to have caused a small cut in his mouth.

The woman told deputies she had found out her husband was cheating on her and she’d told him not to come home.

As they argued, somehow her fingers “ended up in his mouth,” the deputy wrote.

The woman was charged with misdemeanor battery. Her court date is Sept. 18.


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It is so sad when there are news stories where bacon has been the cause of evil.

A Pittsfield man who police said attacked his mother last December after she yelled at him for eating too much bacon pleaded guilty to two charges on Thursday and was sentenced to four months in jail.

In Central Berkshire District Court, 19-year-old Christopher Rougeau of Pittsfield pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery and felony witness intimidation, for pushing his mother, grabbing her by the throat and knocking her to the ground, and disabling a phone she was trying to use to call for help.

The incident began, according to a Pittsfield Police report, when Rougeau’s mother came home and found him eating a large plate of bacon. She said she had been saving the meat for a special breakfast later in the week.

Rougeau is already serving a six-month jail sentence for violating probation and his other sentence will run concurrently to that stint.

The underlying charge was another assault and battery against his mother in June 2011.

Attorney Joseph P. Colonna, one of two lawyers representing Rougeau said his client was getting on the right track and had repaired his relationship with his mother.


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Dinner time at a Pennsylvania home got out of hand when the man of the house decided that he didn’t like what was served.

It was probably not just the baked rather than fried chicken that set George Rhome off.

“He’s usually an easygoing guy,” says Rhome’s mother, Carolyn Rhome.

The dispute started in the kitchen of a home on Morgantown Street in Point Marion. Rhome’s daughter-in-law was cooking dinner.

“They didn’t do it right and George got mad,” Rhome’s girlfriend, Anna Jaggi says.

Rome’s mother says he was unhappy beginning with the peas and corn.

“It started over the vegetables because they usually put them in a bowl in the microwave,” Carolyn says.

After the chicken was served, Rhome cried foul.

“I think he was already mad about something. He said the chicken was dry,” Carolyn says.

This is when matters got physical.

“She picked up a chair and threw it at him and that’s what made him mad because she hit him,” Carolyn says.

The food fight spilled from the kitchen to the sidewalk drawing neighbours and police.

Rhome was arrested and so were Jason and Dottie Jaggi, Rhome’s son and daughter-in-law.

Rhome is in the Fayette County jail on charges of simple assault and harassment.

Jason and Dottie Jaggi are now housed in the Greene County jail on charges unrelated to the incident.

No one was hurt in the incident.

News video HERE

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Three daycare employees were arrested on Monday for watching and encouraging toddlers to fight each other while under their care.

According to Dover Police, three employees from the Hands of Our Future Daycare in Delaware were arrested after a cell phone video showed employees watching and encouraging two 3-year-olds fight each other.

Tiana Harris, 19, Lisa Parker, 47, and Estefania Myers, 21, were charged with Assault, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Reckless Endangering and Conspiracy for the incident, which occurred in March of 2012 and was captured on cell phone video.

In the video police says one child can be heard crying and yelling, ‘He’s pinching me,’ while a daycare worker responds, ‘No pinching, only punching.’

“Clearly one of the children is crying and does not want o continue on and he is pushed back into the fray by one of the adults,” Dover Police Captain Tim Stump said.

Cristyl Slack says her 4-year-old daughter was in the room when the fight happened in March.

“That pissed me off just because I feel if my daughter is around anything I should have known that day,” Slack said.

The fight video is not being shown to Parents or the public because police say it is evidence.

“I can’t ever believe in a million years. I mean I would have to see the proof to believe it,” parent Amy Bickling said.

Hands of Our Future Daycare, located at 868 S. State St., has had its City of Dover Business License suspended pending a hearing.

The Dover Police Department arranged for a meeting Monday night for parents or legal guardians of the daycare’s children to answer questions and help parents find new daycare arrangements.

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Two female co-workers at a meat processing plant in Fujian, eastern China, got into a food fight on the production line over who was the fairest of them all—and the argument spiralled so out of control that their colleagues had to call the police.

It all started when 22-year-old Xin, learned that her friend, 20-year-old Zhang, had landed a bigger financial loan from the factory than she had.

“I was angry with her after I found out that she managed to borrow more money from the company than me,” Xin confessed.

The fight broke out when Zhang took a dig at Xin’s skin tone.

“You look darker lately,” she told Xin, who said, “When she made fun of me and said I was dark, I got mad and lost my mind.”

At first the ladies sparred verbally.

“You don’t look any fairer!” Xin said.

“Fairer than you!” Zhang replied.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

Xin grabbed a fist full of meat floss from the manufacturing line and threw it in Zhang’s face.

Zhang retaliated by throwing a bunch of dried meat back at Xin.

And then they really went for each other, which got so bad that police had to come in and break them up.

Baogai police force, from China’s Fujian province, later let the girls off without charge but gave them a stern warning.

Like other Asian countries, China’s vanity market has been flooded by skin whitening products.

Millions of women are being influenced by advertisements that push these lightening skin care items as the ultimate in modern beauty.

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