A man has been arrested for a DUI … on a horse.

Sheriff’s deputies in Jessamine County say that this was a first for them, but the man who’s charged in the case says he just as shocked as cops.

“I had know idea you could be arrested for something like this,” Danny Reynolds said.

Reynolds, 55, said he was trail-riding with some friends on John Watts Road near his home when he had to stop and take a break.

“I’m severely diabetic, so I stopped to eat some crackers to bring my sugar levels down when the deputy arrived and told me to get off my horse,” he said.

Reynolds admits to drinking a couple of beers. “I normally don’t drink, but we were celebrating my son’s birthday.”

He claims his diabetes made him light-headed when the deputy told him to get down, and that’s why he staggered, not because he was drunk.

“The deputy said he wasn’t going to arrest me until I started to stagger,” Reynolds said. “That’s when he placed me under arrest and took me to jail.”

According the arrest citation Reynold’s blood alcohol level was two-times over the legal limit. The arresting deputy stated “Upon a search of his pockets I located a package of rolling papers and a baggie of marajuana (sic).”

The deputy went on to say “Subject (Reynolds) had several beers in his saddle bag and a mason jar which he identified as moonshine.

“I’ve never seen it and I’ve been on the department for 23 years,” said Chief Deputy Allen Peel, with the Jessamine County Sheriff’s Office.

“It’s a very unique case,” said Peel. “But he could have swerved into a car, causing danger to himself and others.”

“I really didn’t mean to cause any harm,” Reynolds said. “I definitely learned my lesson and I hope other riders pay attention.”

Reynolds is charged with non-motor vehicle under the influence, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He will answer to the charges in two-weeks.

Kentucky law (KRS 189.520) prohibits the operation of a non-motorized vehicle (a vehicle that is not a motor vehicle) while under the influence of intoxicants or substance which may impair a person’s driving ability. That includes, those who are riding horses, bicycles, skateboards, etc.


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A man being questioned in a DUI investigation smelled of alcohol and told deputies he’s “not taking no sobriety test. I done seen it on the MythBusters,” Dustan Edward Carpenter, 35, is quoted as saying on Sept. 12.

A St. Lucie County Sheriff’s deputy stopped Carpenter shortly after 11 p.m. after spotting his Ford Focus travelling without the headlights on.

Carpenter, of Auburndale, Florida, initially said he was coming from Applebee’s and had one beer.

He had slurred, mumbled speech and bloodshot eyes.

Carpenter said he’s “not taking no sobriety test, I done seen it on the MythBusters.”

MythBusters is a TV programme that “aims to uncover the truth behind popular myths and legends by mixing scientific method with gleeful curiosity and plain old-fashioned ingenuity to create a signature style of experimentation.

Myths tested involving alcohol include whether drinking will help you feel warmer (busted) and whether drinking will make you think people look more attractive (plausible).

In the parlance of MythBusters, Carpenter was busted – arrested on a DUI charge.

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Houma police have reported that a 24-year-old man has been accused of driving a shopping scooter while drunk.

Police say that Thomas J. Phillip’s breath tested at more than double the amount considered legal proof of intoxication under Louisiana law when he was pulled over last Sunday.

Police got a call about a motorized scooter pulling a wheelchair, and found Phillip on the scooter and a friend of his in the wheelchair.

They say that Phillip was arrested after allegedly telling police he’d been at a Walmart store and decided to take the scooter for a joyride.

He was booked with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and with theft.

Phillip could not be reached for comment because no phone listing was available for him.

Police say the wheelchair occupant was not cited.

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According to reports, the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office deputy who was arrested for DUI early on Sunday morning had urinated on himself.

37-year-old Nicholas Wagner told police he “had a bad night” after they arrived at the scene of the single-vehicle wreck.

They asked Wagner how the wreck happened and he told them that he had just lost control of the vehicle.

When officers asked him about a wet spot on his pants, he told them he had urinated on himself earlier in the night.

Police said Wagner refused to take field sobriety tests, and was arrested and charged with 1st offense DUI.

Wagner was off-duty when the accident occurred and was driving his personal vehicle.

He has been placed on administrative leave without pay.

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After his car crashed into another vehicle and newspaper boxes, Barnard W. Cato III fled the scene of the accident in Florida.

The 29-year-old man from Gainesville ran towards a nearby Walmart where he was found within minutes.

He declined to give a breathalyzer test and allegedly told Gainesville cops “I didn’t realize I hit somebody…I had the runs, I had to go.”

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A Pennsylvania state trooper chased down a DUI suspect and then he had to also fend off the allegedly drunk woman’s attempt to seduce him.

The trooper didn’t catch up to her until she had arrived at her destination, gone into a house and taken off her pants — but when he did, she presented him with two yellow roses and confessed to a “cop fantasy,” he said.

Trooper Thomas Laskey started tailing 40-year-old Monica Barnhart on Interstate 99 after a driver called in to report an apparently drunk driver, police said. Barnhart’s red Chevrolet Monte Carlo was swerving all over the road at speeds between 40 and 90 mph, according to Laskey.

By the time he caught up with her, at 1:45 p.m., she had parked and entered a home — not her own, but that of somebody she knew — in Altoona, police said.

According to Laskey, she came to the door in a green top and underwear, smelling of alcohol and holding two flowers. She said they were for him because she had a “cop fantasy” and denied she had been driving, according to police.

Laskey refused them, waited for Barnhart to put on her pants and took her into custody, he said.

Police said she had a blood alcohol content of .356 — over four times the legal limit — and later admitted to having been driving the Monte Carlo Laskey followed to her friend’s home.

Barnhart was charged with driving under the influence, but her lawyer said she maintains she is not guilty.

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A Washington County man fired after he was charged with driving three busloads of students under the influence of alcohol has been charged with driving drunk in his own vehicle less than 17 hours later.

Online court records don’t list an attorney for 49-year-old Miguel Rivera, of Washington.

He was first charged shortly after 10 a.m. Friday when police say he was legally drunk while driving 142 students to a field trip from Washington Park School.

Rivera blew .081 on a breathalyzer test and was charged shortly after 10am. He now faces 147 charges of endangering the welfare of children.

Police say Rivera’s blood-alcohol content was 0.08 per cent 30 minutes after he drove the school students.

That’s the legal limit for drunk driving under normal circumstances, but is four times the state’s legal limit of 0.02 percent for a commercial vehicle driver.

State police then stopped Rivera about 2:30 a.m. Saturday for drunken driving as he exited Interstate 70, also in Washington.

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Pennsylvania police say that an Altoona father was drunk when he drove to a police station to pick up his even drunker son who had been arrested for drunken driving after he was found passed out in his car.

An officer noticed that 44-year-old David C. Peterson Sr’s breath smelled like alcohol when he came in the station looking to pick up David C. Peterson Jr., 24.

After failing several field sobriety tests inside the station, Peterson Sr. also failed a preliminary breath test and was taken to the Altoona Regional Health System, Seventh Avenue Campus, for a blood test.

The elder Peterson faces a preliminary hearing Feb. 22 and his son on Feb. 15.

Police say that the father’s blood-alcohol content was one-and-a-half times the state’s legal limit when he drove to the police station.

His son’s blood-alcohol content was slightly more than double the legal limit.

Both men were driving vehicles with expired registrations and inspections.

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A woman in Florida who was accused of driving under the influence, told a sheriff’s deputy that her “big boobies” hindered her ability to take a field sobriety test.

The Martin County Sheriff’s office said Maureen Raymond, 49, of Port St. Lucie was pulled over on Sunday by a deputy responding to a report of a reckless driver.

Raymond, who the arrest report said smelled of alcohol and possessed an empty glass that smelled like it had contained an alcoholic beverage, told the deputy she could not comply with his instructions in the field sobriety test because of her “big boobies.”

“I asked her if she wanted to attempt the task and she stated if I hold her hand,” the arrest affidavit states. “I asked her again if she would like to attempt the task and she stated not really because she has big breasts.”

Raymond was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. She refused to take a breath test, the sheriff’s office said.

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David Lakarnafeaux from San Diego has been arrested for suspected drunken driving three times in the last five days, deputies said Sunday.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to a report of a drunken driver on Seacoast Drive in Imperial Beach about 6:30 a.m. Sunday.

When they arrived they found that Lakarnafeaux, 44, had walked inside a bar on Palm Avenue and Seacoast Drive in Imperial Beach, Sgt. Ted Greenwald said.

When deputies arrested him, they discovered that Lakarnafeaux had already been arrested for the same charge twice last week: on Tuesday by San Diego police and on Thursday by the California Highway Patrol, Greenwald said.

Lakarnafeaux was booked into San Diego Central Jail, where he was held in lieu of $100,000 bail. He was scheduled to be arraigned at 9 a.m. Wednesday in the El Cajon courthouse, according to jail records.

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