Wheel Clamp Man, a mysterious caped crusader, has been hailed a hero by Australian motorists for setting free their cars. Others have a different opinion.

The man, who wears a green lycra costume with multi-coloured socks and black Speedo trunks, uses an angle grinder to remove wheel clamps.

Wheel Clamp Man, who has been helping motorists in the Australian city of Perth for weeks, was inspired to act after he was clamped himself.

“I went to a car park, pulled in, couldn’t see any signs, and I must have walked less than 100 yards and I was clamped,” he told a local newspaper. “It was a con because they were watching.”

He took his inspiration from Britain’s Angle Grinder Man who wore a blue leotard and removed clamps in London and Kent almost a decade ago.

“I’m helping people out,” he said. “I don’t feel I’m damaging property.

“The amount of money these companies make off innocent people is insane. Where does that money go? Not into car parks or safer streets. It goes into their pocket.”

In return for saving motorists a £90 release fee, he asks for a small donation which he reportedly gives to the homeless.

However, the motorists’ superhero has been described as a menace by police.

A Western Australia police spokesman said: “He is committing the offence of criminal damage. We will deal with him.”

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It is a good time to be a criminal in nutty Britain, where even if you are responsible for half the crime in a town, you can escape a prison sentence.

A petty thief is responsible for half of all the recorded crimes in his hometown – but was still spared jail following his latest offence.

Thomas Cato, 23, was caught pilfering a meat pie and a pair of rubber gloves – while on a suspended custodial sentence for burglary.

A court heard Cato was responsible for 50 per cent of all recorded crime in his hometown of Dolgellau, North Wales, with a population of 3,000 people.

Cato pleaded guilty to stealing the pie and pair of Marigolds, valued at just £2.29p, from his local Co-Op store.

But his solicitor Nicola Jones told the court yesterday it would be ‘disproportionate’ to receive a jail sentence for shoplifting.

She said Cato had mental health problems which had only recently been diagnosed.

Miss Jones said: ‘It will be to the town’s benefit if my client stops offending.

‘Six months ago I spoke to the police who told me that my client was responsible for half of the recorded crimes in Dolgellau.’

Magistrates gave him 20 hours unpaid work for the breach and 20 hours unpaid work for the shoplifting charge.

No court costs were imposed after it was heard he still owed £3,000 in unpaid fines and compensation dating back to 2009.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Tory MP Philip Davies criticised the court’s decision.

‘These magistrates are fools to themselves and are making a fool of the British justice system.

‘What on earth is the point of giving someone a suspended sentence if it’s not invoked when they go on to commit another crime? It makes a mockery of the system.’

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Intelligent Infinite Botts arrested

On May 10, 2012, in Theft, by djeyli

You read that right!

A man with the name of Intelligent Infinite Botts was arrested for felony handling stolen property in Albany, New York.

Botts allegedly used someone else’s credit card in mid-March without permission, according to an Albany Police Department arrest summary.

22-year-old Botts is being held without bond in the Albany County jail.

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Prosecutors in California have taken the unusual step of detaining an alleged teenage rape victim who has a history of running away, saying she is a key witness against a man prosecutors say is a career criminal and serial rapist.

Victims’ rights advocates are joining the 17-year-old foster child’s attorneys in arguing that her detention, upheld three times by two superior court judges, could discourage other victims from reporting sexual assaults. Moreover, they say the detention conflicts with laws governing the well-being of foster children, and with Marsy’s Law, a victims’ rights initiative approved by California voters in November 2008.

“This is a very rare step for us. It’s really the last thing we want to do, but we do feel that there is a public danger that has to be balanced here,” Sacramento County Assistant District Attorney Albert Locher said Monday. “We believe it’s important to balance the protection of the community in the process here, and that is done by ensuring a conviction and ensuring that this defendant will not have the opportunity to harm someone else in the future.”

The girl has been held in juvenile hall since March 23. Her attorneys are proposing that she be released to a foster or group home with a GPS ankle bracelet. Her next detention hearing is scheduled for April 16, but they hope to move up the hearing to get her released earlier.

“She’s being treated like a criminal without having done any criminal act. In fact, she’s the victim,” said attorney Lisa Franco, who is challenging the decision to hold the girl as a material witness to ensure she appears at the trial of Frank William Rackley Sr., 37. “This is just sending a chilling effect out there for people not wanting to report crimes and rapes. In the larger scope of things it’s going to give other people more chance to commit crimes because people will be afraid to report.”

Read the rest of the story HERE

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22-year-old De’aundre Barnes shocked the arresting officer with his honesty, after being arrested for allegedly stabbing a young man at a party.

On his arrest papers, the Tampa Bay, Florida resident listed his occupation as ‘drug dealer.’

When asked by the deputy what happened at the house, to which Barnes reportedly responded: ‘I’m going to jail anyways.’

Barnes has had several run-ins with the law.

In the most recent incident, he is accused of stabbing 23-year-old Thomas Grippo at a home on Pleasure Drive in the early hours of the morning.

The police report stated that he and Grippo got in a fight with his girlfriend at the party.

Apparently annoyed, Barnes told them to ‘shut up,’ and began quarrelling with Grippo’s girlfriend, according to the police report.

Grippo intervened and began fighting with Barnes, the report said.

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More than 900 serving police officers and community support officers have a criminal record, official figures show.

Forces across England and Wales employ policemen and women with convictions including burglary, causing death by careless driving, robbery, supplying drugs, domestic violence, forgery and perverting the course of justice.

Those with criminal records include senior officers, among them two detective chief inspectors and one chief inspector working for the Metropolitan Police.

At least 944 currently serving officers and police community support officers (PCSOs) have a conviction, according to figures released by 33 of the 43 forces in England and Wales in response to Freedom of Information requests.

Many forces could not provide details of criminal records dating from before their staff joined the police, meaning the true figure will be significantly higher.

The Metropolitan Police, Britain’s largest force, came top with 356 officers and 41 PCSOs with convictions. It was followed by Kent Police (49), Devon and Cornwall Police (44), Essex Police (42), South Yorkshire Police (35), Hampshire Police (31) and West Midlands Police (27), although not all the figures are directly comparable.

The criminal records include: Devon and Cornwall Police – a Pc convicted of burglary as a teenager.

Essex Police – one inspector convicted of dangerous driving; another inspector convicted of possessing and supplying cannabis; a detective constable convicted of robbery; a Pc convicted of data protection breaches for viewing intelligence records relating to friends, relatives or other people living in the local area, and a special constable convicted of stealing a set of car number plates, putting them on another vehicle and obtaining petrol without paying. Hertfordshire Police – a sergeant convicted of dangerous driving.

Kent Police – a Pc convicted of perverting the course of justice in 1998.

Merseyside Police – five officers convicted of assault and one convicted of causing death by careless driving. Norfolk Police – a Pc convicted of causing death by careless driving.

North Wales Police – an officer convicted of forgery. Staffordshire Police – an inspector convicted of assault causing actual bodily harm and a Pc convicted of keeping a dangerous dog.

Surrey Police – a detective constable convicted of obstructing police officers; a Pc convicted of wounding; a Pc convicted of drink driving in 1988 and resisting arrest a decade later, and a Pc convicted of animal suffering in 2006.

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13yr old with 128 felonies

On November 15, 2011, in Criminal Kids, by djeyli

Personally I don’t find this particularly funny. It is sad that his mother just can’t see what kind of person her snowflake is.

YouTube Preview Image

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2,600 cans of beer were delivered to a jail holding police officers charged with crimes. The non-criminal Brazilian police say they are trying to find out why.

The Rio de Janeiro radio station BandNews FM reports the beer was delivered to a prison in a northern suburb of the city.

Police inspector Waldyr Soares Filho tells the O Globo newspaper that officials are investigating the person who allowed the alcohol into the facility.

He says he does not believe it was meant to be used for a party, but doesn’t offer an alternative explanation.

Local newspapers last month published photos of a party at the same jail thrown by an officer charged with 16 murders. The man later escaped.

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