A nosy, busybody neighbor and an incompetent cop are being sued by an irate mother.

Allowing your kids to play on scooters outside the house on a quiet street seems innocent and common enough.

But a Texas mom was arrested and spent the night in jail after a neighbor complained that the children were ‘unsupervised’.

The parent, Tammy Cooper, disputes the “humiliating” charge, saying she was watching the kids, ages 6 and 9, the whole time from a lawn chair.

But police took the neighbor at her word, and a few hours after the call, arrested Cooper for child endangerment.

Cooper told KPRC that the arresting officer told her, “We’re here for you.”

The accused parent spent the night behind bars.

“Orange jump suit, in a cell, slammed the door, for 18 hours,” she said.

Cooper is suing the La Porte Police Department, the officer, and the neighbor who made the call.

In a statement, the police department said it was “confident of the known actions of the officers on the scene that evening.”

The neighbor wisely had no comment.

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A Thai woman accused of butchering, cooking and eating her two sons last week is believed to have done so because she hallucinated that they were pigs, Mental Health Department deputy director general Kiattiphum Wongrachit said on Tuesday.

“The woman killed her children because she didn’t continue her treatment and didn’t take her medication,” Dr Kiattiphum said.

Police last week received a complaint that a Musur woman butchered her two sons, aged one and five, in Chiang Mai’s Mae Ai district.

Police said they found her asleep at her home, with several body parts apparently from children near her.

They took her in for questioning, but she did not respond to any of their questions.

They then did a background check on her and found that she had been treated for a mental illness in 2007.

The woman, a member of the Musur hilltribe whose name was withheld, will be kept under close watch in the hospital for a long time, he said.

The hospital will check whether she is a drug addict and if she will need to keep her calm when she realises that she killed her children, he said.

She has been charged with murder, but being deemed mentally unfit to fight her case she was sent to Suan Prung Hospital for treatment.

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A Swedish man who reported to be suspiciously wandering the streets of Ostersund with an ax was actually participating in a children’s treasure hunt, police discovered.

Police said they received a call Saturday about the ax-wielder and responding officers learned that the man, 49, was leading a group of eight preschool children on the hunt.

“It took awhile before I understood that it was me they were after, so I kept walking until they came really close and shouted that I had to drop the weapon. Then I was both scared and stunned,” the man said. He said one of the officers was acting “aggressively.”

Police said they followed procedure in dealing with the man.

“I don’t think it’s strange at all that we acted the way we did. We have to take things seriously when you think about all that’s happening in the world,” police spokesman Peter Borg said.

The man was ordered to sheath the ax and allowed to continue the treasure hunt.

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Police say that a couple in Michigan got an unexpected visit from their drunken 27-year-old neighbor who wandered into their cottage and climbed into bed with them.

The man showed up in their Putnam Township bedroom around 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

Police say that the couple left and called 911, and that officers found the man deeply asleep with his shorts partly down.

Police say that the intruder said, “This isn’t my house,” upon waking. He explained he went out drinking nearby after putting his 2- and 4-year-old children to sleep at his own home a few doors down.

The children were found sound asleep and placed with neighbors.

Their father was booked on suspicion of illegal entry and released on bond.

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A popular, 57-year-old puppeteer in Florida was arrested on charges of conspiring to kidnap children and possessing child pornography after chatting online with another man about his desire to kidnap, torture, rape, murder, and eat toddlers.

According to a 29-page criminal complaint compiled by Department of Homeland Security investigators, Ronald William Brown came to their attention as they were in the middle of an online child porn investigation.

While monitoring certain groups where pedophiles feel free to discuss their desires, investigators came across Brown and another man talking about the kids they would like to have sex with as well as Brown’s desire to kidnap a boy he knows, cutting him into pieces then cooking “a fine Easter feast.”

In other chats Brown remarked on the Florida weather and how the children in his area are running around practically naked. He also admits seeing a female toddler that made his mouth water. He would later tell investigators that all of these conversations were in the realm of fantasy and that he’d never actually hurt a child.

But it wasn’t the conversations that got him arrested. What got him thrown in jail was allegations that he asked a man in Kansas to help him abduct a child, and the images investigators snagged off his computer that consisted of dead children, children in bondage, and children in extreme pain.

When police searched Brown’s home, they found more child porn on his computer and a CD of child porn in his sock drawer. Brown was arrested and charged with conspiring to kidnap a child and possession of child pornography.

He is currently in the Pinellas County Jail and is expected to see a judge at about the same time this article is published.

Brown started his puppet business, Puppet Plus, back in 1992. Since then he has put on shows at a Tampa Bay Rays game and at Florida Botanical Gardens, He’s been featured in the paper and was listed in the Pinellas County Schools speakers’ directory as puppetry speaker for grades K-8. He was removed from that list on Monday after the school district learned of his arrest.

The complaint also details two other run-ins Brown had with police. One in 1998 when Brown was pulled for a traffic violation and the police officer saw boys’ underwear between Brown’s front seats. Brown told the deputy the underwear was to dress his puppets.

In 2010, police were called by someone who thought they saw Brown throw a sex toy under his trailer and was concerned about Brown having young boys in his vehicle. It turned out that Brown had the parents’ permission to take the boys to church.



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A Texas woman was found naked and eating ice cream inside a Houston drug store after leaving three children alone in a car after a wreck.

34-year-old Stephanie Dillard has now been charged with endangering a child.

Houston police said that Dillard’s children, ages 5, 12 and 16, were in the car with her when her vehicle collided with a METRO bus near South Post Oak and Orem on Friday.

All of the children were shaken up and suffered minor injuries. The 5-year-old had a large gash over one eye, officials said.

Detectives said that after the wreck, Dillard got out of the car and walked away, leaving her children alone at the scene.

Dillard then went to a nearby CVS store and began taking off her clothes as she ate ice cream, police said.

Investigators said Dillard put up a fight when officers tried to arrest her.

The children have been turned over to a grandmother.

Police said they have not yet figured out what caused Dillard’s strange behavior.

She is being held in the Harris County Jail with bond set at $2,000.

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A couple from suburban Chicago remain in jail after two of their five children were found blindfolded and bound in a Kansas Walmart parking lot.

The parents from Northlake, Ill., are each charged with two counts of child abuse and five counts of child endangerment. The charges are felonies. The man also faces one count of obstruction.

Deborah and Adolfo Gomez, of west suburban Northlake, were arrested Wednesday on two counts of child abuse and five counts of endangering a child.

The children are aged five through 15. Police say the two youngest, ages 5 and 7, were found bound and blindfolded in the family’s Chevy Suburban SUV that had been parked in a Walmart parking lot since Monday. The vehicle had no license plates, according to police.

Police say the family was traveling to Arizona to see relatives when their SUV developed mechanical problems on I-70 and they stopped in Lawrence.

A customer called police from inside the store saying they saw a child in the parking lot with his arms tied behind him sitting next to a van.

The vehicle was surrounded by police while the mother was shopping inside the Walmart. They say the father resisted when they tried to enter the vehicle, and they used tasers to subdue him.

Authorities in Lawrence are making temporary arrangements for all five of the children, while the parents are held at the Douglas County jail.

As for any injuries, the police made no mention of any in their statement, the local paper reports that medics examined family members at the scene and no one was taken to a hospital.


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Police say a Burlington mom brought her kids with her to break into a house.

24-year-old Shawna Hosmer faces burglary charges after she parked a stroller outside a home on Pearl Street, went inside and stole a wallet.

The resident was home at the time and was able to give police a description of the suspect and her stroller.

An officer then spotted Hosmer a short time later on Church Street, found the stolen wallet and Hosmer’s 2-year-old and 4-year-old kids in the stroller.

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The public address announcer for the Oklahoma City Thunder was released from jail early Friday morning following his arrest Thursday night on three felony counts of lewd or indecent acts with a child under 16.

Jim Miller walked out of the Oklahoma County jail at 12:15 a.m. after posting a $30,000 bond.

Even before Miller’s arrest, News 9 was at the jail waiting for him to arrive at the jail’s sally port. However, jail employees say Miller was treated differently. The jail would not allow members of the news media to be in the sally port.

As Miller was arrested, the organization quickly sent out a statement from Thunder Vice President Dan Mahoney, saying in part:

“Due to the allegations and criminal case against him…Mr. Miller has been removed from his duties as Thunder PA announcer.”

According to court documents, three children, all under the age of 16 at the time, say Miller forced them to watch him masturbate as he viewed pornography on his computer. Two of the alleged victims also report sexual abuse.

During the course of the investigation, OSBI seized Miller’s computer.

Court documents state: “The OSBI was able to capture 449 pornographic images from the computer’s storage devices and hard drive.”

Miller had been with the Thunder for all four of the team’s seasons in Oklahoma City. He is currently a teacher and Tennis coach at Harrah High School. The investigation does not currently point to any students from Harrah High School as victims in this case.

Police say Miller calls all of the alleged incidents “accidental.”

Sources close to the case tell News 9 Miller could face additional charges.


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A mother made slaves of her two children and forced them to work for gipsies rather than go to school after a fortune teller told her it was right thing to do.

Within weeks of the meeting, Linda Clappison started locking her son and daughter, then aged 10 and six, in their rooms and assaulting them. She fed them only sandwiches and took the light bulbs, toys and all mattresses and bedding from their rooms, leaving them needing hospital treatment for frostbite.

Clappison, 46, of Keyingham Marsh, East Yorkshire, was found guilty of two child cruelty charges at Hull Crown Court last month.

She was jailed for 18 months concurrently or each charge. Judge Michael Mettyear, the Recorder of Hull, described the case as “tragic’’.

The trial heard that the mother of four forced her two youngest children to work for gipsies as slaves after falling under the spell of a fortune teller.

Her son, Andrew Clappison, now aged 18, told the trial: ‘’We were treated like dogs.’’

After her daughter, now aged 13, told the court her mother had shaved her hair at least five times as punishment, Clappison said the girl wanted to look like Britney Spears.

Judge Mettyear told her: “This is, in many ways, a tragic case for all those concerned. Nobody sitting through the trial, as I did, could fail to be moved and impressed by your four children.

“They were the sort of children that any parent thinking clearly and sensibly would admire. They were measured, sensible and pleasant. That’s a credit to them, rather than to you, that they have somehow survived what you have put them through and turned out well.’’

The judge said he could not help but have sympathy for Clappison because he believed something had happened in her life to make her think in a “strange and illogical way’’.

He said he had no way of knowing if the change was due to the meeting with the fortune teller but added: “I am satisfied that something changed and changed with disastrous consequences.’’

The court heard that Clappison had still not admitted the offences, instead insisting that her children were “liars’’ and that she would never consider a reconciliation.

He said: “The children, with great fairness, said that there was a long period when you were a perfectly good mother, caring and, if anything, overprotective. And that then something went very, very badly wrong in your life and your mind and caused you to change and treat them in the way that you did.’’

He added: “It is sad that seeing your children in court giving evidence did not in any way melt your heart.’’ Jailing Clappison, Judge Mettyear said: “You blighted the lives of those children and only custody can be justified.’’

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