Autumn Lynn Livingston, 22, told police that she had just picked up Elijah Paul Love, 24, from the Lee County Jail in Fort Myer on Saturday when she claimed Love went crazy.

Livingston said Love first threw her car keys across the parking lot. When Livingston tried to run from the car, she said Love grabbed her by the back of the neck and slammed her into the vehicle.

Livingston got away again, but said Love grabbed her from behind. He then put her in a headlock, police said. He used a hard cast on his left forearm to squeeze her so hard that she was unable to breathe, according to police.

Livingston said she tried to hit Love in the testicles, and he let her go. Livingston then ran to the entrance of the Lee County Courthouse.

Fort Myers police responded after a witness called 911 and said she saw a man dragging a woman through the parking lot.

Livingston told police that she was Love’s girlfriend for the past five months and that they live together.

Love was arrested and charged with domestic battery by strangulation.

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A Swiss man, Peter Thaler, was arrested for drink driving after going to collect his car – the morning after he drove it into the Ruess river near Luzern after mistaking a boating ramp for the entrance to an underground car park.

Thaler, 42, was driving along a rural road in heavy fog when he took a left-turn – expecting to pull into an underground garage.

However, his night nearly came to a very damp end when he pulled up just in time to stop his hatch-back plunging all the way into the river.

Thaler walked home after his failed parking experience, but when he returned to pick up his car the next morning he found the police waiting for him – and ready to give him a breathaliser test.

Unfortunately, Thaler had enjoyed such a raucous night before attempting his drive home that he even managed to fail the test the day after.

‘He was confused because of the fog – but mostly because of the drink,’ a police spokesman said.

‘He lost his licence and will be fined and will have to pay all the costs of the recovery of his car.’

With no underground parking facilities nearby, it still remains a mystery where Thaler hoped to be getting to.

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This guy seriously needs to think about changing career…

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