A Florida man was charged with battery after he allegedly hit his brother with a Styrofoam plate.

On Aug. 17 the two brothers and their father were in the dining room of a Fort Walton Beach residence when an argument. According to the father, the spat began when one of the brothers began making disparaging comments about his mother.

During the argument, one brother apparently picked up a Styrofoam plate and swung at his brother, striking him in the face. The victim suffered several small cuts to his cheek and the left side of this face, an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy wrote in the arrest report.

The brother was charged with misdemeanor battery and will report to a judge on Sept. 4.


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A Pakistani policeman in Lahore allegedly shot dead his sister for wearing jeans, officials said on Saturday.

Constable Asad Ali was unhappy with his sister Najma Bibi, 22, for wearing what he considered were “men’s clothes”, especially jeans.

The siblings often quarrelled over the issue and Ali allegedly shot and killed his sister on Friday.

A few days earlier, Ali had warned his sister that he would kill her if she did not stop wearing jeans and trousers.

Subsequently, Najma filed a complaint against her brother at the police station in the residential neighbourhood of Shahdara and sought protection.

However, the police took no action against Ali.

According to the First Information Report filed after the crime, Ali followed Najma when she left the house on Friday and allegedly fired at her near Shahdara Morr, killing her instantly.

Ali managed to escape and police are conducting raids to catch him, officials said.

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Four people from Pennsylvania who fired water guns loaded with chlorinated water on a teen and her younger brother from a moving car, are now facing misdemeanor disorderly conduct and harassment charges.

The teen victim and her brother were standing in front of their home on Wednesday when a silver Chevy Aveo with four people in it “drove past and fired an unknown, noxious-smelling liquid at her from inside the vehicle.”

The victim–Gloria Sloan-Mallory–told police “she heard them laughing after they struck her and her younger brother.”

Sloan-Mallory was able to provide New Castle police with a license plate number for the car which was quickly traced to 18-year-old Carli Malley who was the driver of the vehicle along with three passengers: Paul Fee, 24; Victoria Greco, 19; and Andrew Ayers, 18.

The shooters met up with police at the Greco home where, according to cops, the four admitted to firing the liquid at Sloan-Mallory.

After being informed that the victim wished to press charges, Greco’s parents became “very irate and started yelling and causing a disturbance” and then threw police off their property.

Police left the scene, but not before informing the quartet that they would be receiving charges in the mail.

Malley, Fee, Greco, and Ayers are all scheduled for arraignment on July 7, while Greco’s parents will also be hit with disorderly conduct and disorderly house charges for their behavior toward cops during the investigation.

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Police in England were called to a wedding reception where they found a man standing on a table being restrained by another guest.

Jason Ellis Brealey, 20, admitted being drunk and disorderly at the wedding of his sister, on April 29.

Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, said that when police arrived, Brealey was on a table being restrained by another guest and wasn’t wearing trousers at the time. He was verbally abusive, shouting and swearing, and wouldn’t calm down.

“Mr Brealey’s speech was slurred and he couldn’t stand straight,” said Ms Griffiths.

As Brealey continued to be abusive, in front of fellow guests including young children, police decided to arrest him.

On the way to Buxton police station he continued to swear and lunged at one of the officers.

Brealey, who was not represented, told the court: “I would like to say I am really sorry. I had not been out for a while and got too drunk.”

Magistrate Sheila Senior, sentencing Brealey, told him: “It was a very unpleasant incident. Young children were present at what was a family occasion.”

Brealey, of Derwent Drive, Chinley, was fined £200 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £15 government surcharge.

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A middle school was caught having sex with a 15-year-old student in his home when his younger brother, aged 12, walked in on the pair.

Kathryn ‘Camille’ Murray, 28, from Houston was arrested on Thursday and charged with sexual assault of a child. She is being held in lieu of $250,000 bond.

Earlier in the week Murray was removed from her post at Memorial Middle School after a report of a then unspecified inappropriate relationship was reported to the principal.

She has taught eighth grade at the school for the past three years.

According to a police report Murray went to the boys’ house the night of February 11 when his parents were away after he invited her over.

The older boy had asked his younger brother in advance if he could invited ‘Mrs. Murry’ over to the home.

Around midnight, according to the 12-year-old, he walked in on the pair in bed. He saw a tan bra and used condom on the floor and the teacher and his brother under the covers.

The older brother then introduced the pair.

‘Mrs. Murray, say hit to [younger brother].’ She replied ‘Hola,’ according to the boy, who remembered her voice as that of ‘Mrs. Murray, a Memorial Middle School Language Arts teacher.’

When she left the home at 12:30 am she called out ‘Adios.’

Interviewed by police afterwards the 15-year-old admitted having sex with her and said he ‘was in love with the defendant and he had kissed her.’

The boys’ family now a restraining order against Murray.

After her initial suspension, before she was fired, superintendent Duncan F. Klussmann said: ‘The safety of every SBISD student is our very highest priority. This allegation, if true, represents a complete breach of trust that our children and our community place in our educators every day.

‘We will never tolerate any teacher or other employee who takes advantage of and harms a student.’

Children’s Protective Services, Spring Branch ISD police, and the State Board for Educator Certification are also investigating.

Counselors were at the school for pupils to offer care and counseling over the alleged incident.

Murray is also barred from going near the school.

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A man, who told the cops that he was Elvis Presley’s brother, CIA director and half orangutan, was arrested after an incident at a bank in Naples, California, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office said.

Mark R. Loescher, 51, faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill after the Friday incident.

According to the probable cause statement, police responded to a bank in connection to a call about a man, who had pulled a gun on woman after she approached him about his smoking car.

Loescher and his vehicle matched the description given to police, the report said. Police pulled the car over, and Loescher told them he was in the CIA.

“As I was handcuffing him he told that he had jurisdiction over me since he was the director of the CIA,” the law enforcement officer wrote in the statement.

“While speaking with Loescher I could see that his comments were very off the wall and it did not appear as if he was all there mentally.”

Besides being Presley’s brother and CIA director, he also said he was half orangutan and that police needed to contact the “Fusion Center to check on his monkey blood.”

He also said that he was a “g-man,” and that he was good friends with “President Bush and has the same attorney,” the report said.

A fully loaded magnum revolver and 104 bullets were seized from the car, which was towed.

The passenger was released and taken home.

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A Missoula, Montana, man who ran over his twin brother with a van this summer will spend 40 years in prison. Prosecutors say in July, Alberto Guillen argued with his brother, Roberto near their home.

Roberto got on his bicycle, told Alberto to have a nice life and started to ride away. Just then Alberto got into his van, yelled to his brother “I’m going to kill you” and then ran over Roberto as he rode away on his bike.

He then got out, pulled out Roberto’s bike from underneath his car and drove away. “I feel remorse for my brother for the pain I have caused. I hope in the future he can forgive me,” says Alberto.

Roberto spent several weeks in the hospital with serious injuries and during Alberto’s sentencing on Thursday, Roberto’s fiance said her soon-to-be husband doesn’t want anything to do with Alberto. She also told the court that Roberto is continuing to receive treatment, but he may remain paralyzed.

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Police in South Carolina say that Wayne Joshua Mitchell, 20, died after he ate an ounce of cocaine that was hidden in his brother’s buttocks.

Cops have now charged the victim’s brother Deangelo Rashard Mitchell, 23, with involuntary manslaughter.

Both brothers were in the back of a police car on November 30 after being arrested for trafficking.

Video from inside the police car captured a conversation between the brothers.

Deangelo pleads with his younger brother to take the cocaine in his bottom and eat it to get rid of it.

“One of us gotta do it, you the only one that don’t have any strikes. …You my little brother… I’m gonna get life,” Deangelo said to Wayne.

His bother complied and ate the drugs.

When officers saw the cocaine residue on the seat where Wayne sat, Deangelo told officers that his brother swallowed cocaine.

Within the hour, Dwayne struggled to breathe, bled from his mouth and died.

Deangelo was charged with trafficking drugs and bonded out of jail December 1.

Once toxicology results confirmed that Wayne died directly from consuming the cocaine, police decided to pursue more serious charges.

A spokesman with the Charleston Police Department issued a press release on Tuesday stating that Deangelo Mitchell was in custody and awaiting a bond hearing.

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Defiant Maryland residnet, sixty-year-old Larry Deffenbaugh, who faked his death by jumping into the Chesapeake Bay near Virginia Beach has been sentenced to seven years in federal prison.

Deffenbaugh was convicted in May of conspiracy and communicating a false distress signal.

Deffenbaugh’s brother reported him missing from a fishing boat they had rented in 2009, two days before he was to be sentenced on a probation violation in Maryland.

Coast Guard crews searched for Deffenbaugh for 15 hours before calling the search off.

Deffenbaugh’s ex-girlfriend testified at the trial that he created an elaborate plan to fake his death. He slipped into the Bay without his brother noticing, swam to shore and met her, she said.

He had fled to Texas with his then-girlfriend and lived under a fake name until he was caught.

Cops took their theory to the television show “America’s Most Wanted.” Based on a viewer’s tip, Deffenbaugh was found in Texas

Deffenbaugh maintained that he was innocent during sentencing Monday. He compared himself to a falsely accused Jesus during a lengthy speech and says his brother and his ex-girlfriend lied.

“This is a just sentence for a man who imperiled the life of his own brother and the lives of those responding to his distress signal – all to escape responsibility for his own actions in court,” U.S. Attorney Neil MacBride said in a statement.

U.S. District Judge Henry Coke Morgan Jr. also ordered Deffenbaugh to pay the Coast Guard more than $200,000 for the cost of the search.

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A brother and sister are facing jail after they were spotted having sex with each other in a train station lift.

Richard Finlayson, 21, and sibling Kirsty, 18, were filmed by CCTV cameras as they romped in the elevator.

The shocking 15-minute clip showed them exiting the lift — only to return a short time later to have sex for a second time.

And as they left for a second time Richard gave Kirsty a £20 note.

The pair were later arrested by police after a railway worker at Motherwell Station raised the alarm after viewing the footage. They later admitted to having unlawful sexual intercourse.

A family friend said the revelations had left the pair’s family “destroyed”.

Hamilton Sheriff Court heard how they left an 11-year-old boy who was with them on the platform during their illicit tryst.

Depute fiscal Amanda Gallagher said: “They both went into the lift and were seen having sexual intercourse on the CCTV.

“Both accused then exited the lift for a short period before returning and continuing having sexual intercourse.

“Both accused then stood up and left the lift. At which point Mr Finlayson was seen giving his sister some money.”

Kirsty Finlayson denied she’d had sex for cash — while Richard said he gave her the £20 “as a brother, not for payment”.

Last night the family friend said: “We’re devastated. I was sickened when I heard about it.

“Most of the family knew nothing about it until letters for the case came in.

“We can’t believe it. It is a nightmare.”

Sheriff Ray Small ordered Richard to be placed on the sex offenders’ register. The brother and sister will be sentenced next month.

I wonder why she wasn’t put on the register as well? One rule for the male and another for the female perhaps?

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