An assistant basketball coach in Minnesota was arrested after she was caught in a ‘sexually compromising position’ with a 14-year-old female player.

Jenessa Diamond White, 20, of St Paul, was arrested on suspicion of engaging in sexual conduct according to the Anoka County sheriff’s office.

The Anoka-Hennepin school district hired White to serve as assistant coach of the ninth-grade girl’s basketball team at Blaine High School until March 17.

She was placed on administrative leave after being caught inside a car parked near the school at 9pm on Tuesday night.

A Blaine police officer spotted the lone car parked in the lot after dark and went to check on it, school spokesman Brett Johnson said.

When he saw what was happening inside, White was arrested.

When they were questioned, both admitted they were having a sexual relationship and the teenage girl said they had been dating for the last month.

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Police say that basketball rivalry boiled over at a Kentucky dialysis clinic when one patient punched another during an argument about the teams.

Georgetown police Lt. Robert Swanigan says the altercation began Monday with a verbal exchange between the 68-year-old Kentucky fan Ed Wilson and 71-year-old Louisville fan Charles Taylor.

The men were arguing over who will win when the teams meet in the Final Four on Saturday.

Swanigan says the Kentucky fan, who was receiving treatment, flipped off the Louisville fan, and that the Cardinals fan punched him in the face.

Swanigan says police were called to the Georgetown clinic, but the Kentucky fan has declined to file charges.

He says police thought tensions would rise as Saturday’s game approaches, but the fight at the clinic was stranger than they expected.

Georgetown is about 13 miles north of Lexington, where the University of Kentucky is located.

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I just love stories where people go totally off the rails like this. They seem to think that if they are going to get into trouble, they may as well cause as much of it as possible before being caught.

A Fresno Pacific University basketball player went on a naked rampage Monday night near campus after being told that he had been kicked off the team.

Leonard Tyrell Young, 21, ran naked through a convenience store parking lot, tried to steal a police car, beat a police officer and police dog.

He then withstood three Taser strikes before finally being subdued, police said.

He was booked into Fresno County Jail on suspicion of carjacking, resisting arrest, vandalism, harming a police dog and being under the influence of a controlled substance, according to jail records.

Young, a native of Philadelphia, was dismissed from the Sunbirds on Monday night for a violation of team standards, according to the university.

Police described the bizarre incident:

About 11:30 p.m. Monday, officers went to Chestnut and Butler avenues in southeast Fresno after getting reports of a naked man running in the street. Callers said he seemed intoxicated and was pounding his fists on cars.

The first officer who arrived watched Young, who is 6 feet tall and weighs 170 pounds, until other officers could assist him.

Young’s friends, who said they were members of the Fresno Pacific basketball team, told the officer that Young had been kicked off the team about an hour earlier. They said he “tore up” his apartment in the nearby Cypress Pointe complex, then ran naked into the street.

Witnesses at a gas station said Young assaulted two women in the parking lot, knocking one to the ground. Young also reportedly pounded his fists on the bullet-proof glass at the store and on several cars in the parking lot.

As officer Brian Sturgeon was getting his dog, Jack, out of his police car, Young ran up to him. Sturgeon pushed Young back, but Young got in the front seat and put the car in drive.

Sturgeon and Young grappled, and Jack bit Young on his thigh. Young hit the dog as he tried to drive off. Sturgeon and Jack were only partially in the car as they tried to stop Young.

Sturgeon managed to put a foot on the brake pedal, but Young drove the car at about 10 mph across the street. It came to a stop at the gas station.

Officers tried to pull Young from the car. Officer Zack Chastain shot his Taser at Young, but it had no effect. He tried twice more, but he could not slow Young.

Young kept a strong grip on the steering wheel as Sturgeon and officer Theran Higginbotham tried to pull him from the car. Finally, a blow to Young’s wrist with a flashlight loosened his grip on the steering wheel, and he was pulled out of the car and handcuffed.

No officers were injured, and Jack was unharmed.

Fresno Pacific Athletic Director Dennis Janzen said that Young — a transfer from Coppin State in Maryland who was on track to be eligible to play in January — was doing well in school, as well as on the basketball court.

“We are extremely concerned about what happened and very saddened that it even occurred,” Janzen said. “At this point, Lenny is no longer a member of the team.”

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