Robber gets trapped inside bank (video)

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A suspected bank robber was arrested and taken to a hospital on Thursday morning after getting trapped and finding himself unable to leave the building in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh.

The man got stuck between the double glass doors at Citizens Bank on Butler Street when an employee hit a switch to activate that built-in safety measure shortly after 9 a.m.

Thick, black tape now covers a shattered portion of the front glass. Witnesses said the man was banging on it, trying to get out, and he left blood marks on both the glass and the floor.

Had the robber taken a closer look as he went inside, he would have seen a notice on the front door: “Enter one adult at a time. This ACU door is a protection against robberies.”

Another sign higher up on the front glass says, “WARNING This property is protected against robberies by an access control unit.” Pittsburgh police have only identified the robbery suspect as a 27-year-old man from McKees Rocks.


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A teenage girl tried to rob a bank in the Urals Republic of Udmurtia so she could afford to leave her home city and commit suicide, the Russian Investigation Department said on Thursday.

Investigators believe that on August 28, 14-year-old, Lima Lavrova, masked and armed with a knife, tried to rob a bank in the regional capital of Izhevsk. However, she was detained by bank guards.

“The detainee explained that she committed the robbery in an attempt to free herself from her overbearing parents. She wanted to use those money to leave the city and commit suicide,” the Investigation Department said.

The girl faces up to 15 years in prison if found guilty.


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The FBI is searching for a serial bank robber dubbed the ‘Bucket List Bandit’ after he allegedly passed a note to a bank teller saying that he only has four months to live.

The suspect, described as a white male between 55 and 60 years old, is alleged to have robbed nine banks in several Western and Southern states in the past three months.

His most recent robberies have been in St Louis and Columbia, Missouri. Prior to that he has stuck in Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, North Carolina, Tennessee and Illinois.

He usually wears the same blue polo shirt and jeans. He also has a gray mustache and wears glasses.

The bandit typically walks into a bank alone and hands the teller a demand note. It isn’t clear if he needs the money for medical care or for spending during his final few months.

‘It’s not uncommon for a robber to just want to get in and get out,’ said Rebecca Wu, a spokeswoman from the FBI St Louis division, in an interview with Fox News.

‘They generally want to draw as little attention to themselves as possible.’

The bandit typically walks into a bank alone and hands the teller a demand note. It isn’t clear if he needs the money for medical care or for spending during his final few months.

‘It’s not uncommon for a robber to just want to get in and get out,’ said Rebecca Wu, a spokeswoman from the FBI St Louis division, in an interview with Fox News.

‘They generally want to draw as little attention to themselves as possible.’

Serial bank robbers are not uncommon, but Wu said they generally strike within a regional area.

There are exceptions. Last year, a man dubbed the ‘Granddad Bandit’ was sentenced to 25 years in prison for robbing 26 banks in 14 states. Michael Francis Mara earned the nickname for his elderly and in fact turned out to be a grandfather.

Wu said Mara was caught after someone recognized him from a digital billboard.


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An Australian woman was robbed after being told “evil spirits” would threaten her family if she did not hand over her possessions.

Police have released CCTV vision of two woman wanted for questioning over the incident on Thursday.

About 12.30pm a woman, 60, withdrew money from a bank in Cabramatta’s CBD and was approached by two women.

The pair told the woman “evil spirits” would bring bad luck to her family if she did not hand over her possessions for “blessing”.

The woman then handed the pair her money and jewellery.

Police believe similar incidents have occurred in Chatswood and Haymarket in an attempt to take advantage of “beliefs within the Chinese community”.

The first suspect is a woman of Asian appearance with an average build. She is about 40 years old, with short, dark yellow hair and about 160cm tall. She speaks Mandarin and was wearing a brown leopard-print top, black tights and brown boots.

The second woman is also of Asian appearance with a thin build. She is about 40 years old, with long black hair and about 160cm tall. She speaks Mandarin and was wearing a dark, long-sleeved t-shirt.

Police are also seeking a third woman who was not captured on CCTV. She is of Asian appearance, about 30 years old, 155cm tall, with an average build. She has long black hair, speaks Mandarin and at the time was wearing a pink jumper.

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Clinton Township police need help finding a bizarre bank robber wearing construction gear.

According to police, this man robbed the Fifth Third Bank on Hayes Road in Clinton Township, Michigan, on Friday.

The man gave a note demanding money and was given about $1,600. He put the money in a duffle bag and got away.

If you recognize this man you are asked to call police.

News video HERE

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Two hapless thieves in England were forced to flee empty handed after using a stolen digger to rip a cash machine from a bank only to find their getaway vehicle would not start.

The pair had loaded the ATM onto the back of a pick-up truck but had to leave their spoils after the engine would not start.

The men were last seen by witnesses running off into the night abandoning their truck and their loot.

The attempted burglary happened at 3.10am on Monday at the branch of Barclays Bank on Keymer Road in Hassocks, Sussex.

Homes in the area had to be evacuated during the night as the building was deemed unsafe.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “At 3.15am on Monday 6 August, police went to Barclays Bank in Keymer Road, Hassocks, after local residents had reported that an industrial digger vehicle had driven into the front of the bank, and dragged out the cashpoint machine installed in the wall.

“The digger placed the machine on an adjacent stationary blue Toyota pick-up truck but the drivers of both vehicles, who are described as wearing dark clothing, then ran off in the direction of Chancellors Park leaving the unopened cash machine on the truck.”

The digger used in the raid was stolen earlier in the night, police said.

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David Henneman of Medford, Oregon, stopped at his bank to talk about some forged checks. While he was there, the accused forger came into the bank behind him and tried to cash a check.

Henneman said that he stopped at the Chase bank on Saturday to talk about stopping fraudulent checks that went through his account the previous day.

That was when 37-year-old Matthew Frombach came in and attempted to cash a $150 check from Henneman’s account.

“The teller’s eyes just got huge and she said, ‘Oh my gosh, I think that’s him,’” Henneman said.

Henneman said bank employees attempted to delay Frombach, but he fled the store with Henneman’s friend in pursuit.

“They wouldn’t let me leave with veins popping out of my forehead, so my buddy went after him,” Henneman said. “The tellers said, ‘You’re a good guy, we don’t want you to go to jail.’”

T28-year-old Josh Rigiero attempted to stop Frombach, but ended up punched in the face by the suspect. Rigiero got back up and tackled Frombach, holding him until police arrived.

Lt. Mike Budreau said that Frombach was in possession of several credit cards belonging to other people.

Frombach, who is suspected of stealing the checks from Henneman’s mailbox, was charged with first-degree forgery, theft, criminal possession of a forged instrument, negotiating a bad check, disorderly conduct, fourth-degree assault, harassment and resisting arrest.

“It will be a good story to tell for years to come,” Henneman said.

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Suffolk County police in New York state arrested a Brentwood man who they said robbed a beauty salon after a failed attempt at robbing a bank.

Police say that 54-year-old Anthony Jannace handed a teller at a Bay Shore Citibank a handwritten note demanding cash at 12:30 p.m. When the teller refused to comply Jannace left the bank.

Jannace then entered the Salon Astarte on West Main Street in Bay Shore, less than a half-mile away, at 1:55 p.m. and verbally demanded cash from one of the employees.

She complied and gave him cash from a drawer, though police would not specify how much.

At 3:24 p.m., Suffolk County Police Canine Officer Mark Sacco located Jannace on Mechanicsville Road in Bay Shore and arrested him.

Jannace did not display a weapon and was located after witnesses gave officers a physical description.

Jannace was charged with one count of third degree robbery and one count of attempted robbery.


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A suburban Portland man has pleaded guilty to having held up a Bank of America branch on April 6.

50-year-old Raymond Carl Knudson told police that he was inspired to rob the place after having watched “Inside Job,” the Oscar-winning documentary that explores the causes of the 2008 financial meltdown.

After scoring just $425 in the heist, Knudson drove to the Gresham Police Department and confessed to the crime three minutes later.

He faces the prospect of up to 20 years behind bars.

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