Police in Florida said they are searching for a woman who allegedly attacked a restaurant manager during an argument about cold mashed potatoes.

The woman dined Sept. 14 at Cody’s Roadhouse in Manatee County, Fla., with a man and two young girls.

The woman complained to the manager about her mashed potatoes being cold and requested a 50 percent discount on her meal. The manager instead gave the woman credit to return to the restaurant at a later time and the diners left.

However, the woman returned to the restaurant around 4 p.m. Monday and argued with the same manager.

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said the argument turned physical when the woman grabbed the female manager’s hand and used her other hand to grab the woman by the throat.

The attacker, who hasn’t been identified, left in a blue Saab, deputies said.

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31-year-old April Dawn Peters from Cosby, Tennessee, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after she allegedly hit a man on his head at least five times with a hammer that she was having sex with, Sgt. Steve Johnson reported.

51-year-old William L. Wofford said that he and Peters were in the living room of his residence where he was having sex with her.

He stated that during sex, Peters picked up a hammer and struck him on the head, the report stated.

Neighbors allegedly saw Peters run from Wofford’s residence in a “French maid” outfit that had been purchased at Walmart.

They also said they saw her fall, scraping her knees.


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60-year-old Dennis Eskew of Bozeman, Montana, has been arrested for partner/family member assault after police say he shoved a green tomato in his wife’s mouth.

On Monday, Sept. 17, Eskew’s wife called 911 saying that Eskew threw her down to the floor and was throwing things at her.

When Gallatin Co. Sheriff’s deputy, Cindy Crawford, arrived on scene, Eskew’s wife said she and her husband had been arguing and he shoved an unripe green tomato into her mouth so far that she “started to gag reflex.”

The wife said he also pushed her to the floor and kneed her in the abdomen.

The wife told Crawford the incident “terrified” her and said, “I was afraid of him really hurting me.”

Eskew told Crawford that the couple had been arguing.

He said, “I got tired of hearing her scream so I stuffed a tomato in her mouth.”

When asked why he did this, he replied, “mostly to shut her up.”

However, he did deny pushing her to the ground.

Eskew is in the Gallatin County jail, being held on $500 bond.


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A Florida man picked up his girlfriend’s dog and beat her with it during a heated argument, police said.

Michael Wayne Jones, 42, is in jail on charges of domestic battery by strangulation, criminal mischief and animal cruelty.

He was fighting with his girlfriend last Thursday at their Sanford home when she decided to leave.

When she tried to drive away, Jones allegedly grabbed her dog, swung it in the air and then hit her with it.

He also choked her before pedalling away on a bike, taking the dog with him, police said.

Officers eventually tracked him down and arrested him.

He is being held on $2,700 bond.

The girlfriend and the dog both suffered only minor injuries.


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A man from Baker, Florida, became the victim in a custody argument that escalated to a violent confrontation where deputies said his prosthetic leg was used against him.

Brandon Fleming said this story began with a fight involving his son’s mother, Jadian Hatfield.

The fight wasn’t face to face, but through text messages.

“She sent me a text message that said I’m going to be six-feet under just like my momma,” said Brandon Fleming.

Fleming’s mother was killed by another son, Brandon’s older brother.

Brandon said he called deputies and showed them the text.

“About three hours later, she’s beating on the door,” said Fleming.

Fleming said Hatfield came for their son.

“I hear him scream. I hear my son scream. And when I run back through, ain’t nothing but the curtain hanging through the window, so she reached up through the window and pulled him out,” said Fleming.

Fleming jumped through the window and went after his son.

He was met by two guys, whom, he said came with Hatfield.

“They jump on me, and then she runs up behind me and pulls my prosthetic off and starts hitting me in the legs with it,” said Fleming.

Fleming lost his foot in an accident when he was 7 years old, he’s worn the prosthetic since then — and he said it hasn’t slowed him down, yet.

“Well I finally got out and got away from them and got it back from her, and I started chasing the guys,” said Fleming.

Fleming said the men were armed; one had a PVC pipe, the other had a wooden shaft.

Deputy: Woman beats ex with prosthetic leg

“Well, next thing you know, she tells them to move out of the way. She’s got a 12-gauge pointing at my belly,” said Fleming.

Fleming threw his hands up, and they left with his 2-year-old son.

“I ain’t scared of nothing you know, but … there’s no telling what they would’ve done … I was scared,” said Fleming.

Hatfield is charged with assault with a deadly weapon, battery, kidnapping, interfering with custody and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

She’s being held without bond.

Fleming was granted full custody of his son until this case is resolved in court.

Fleming said despite what happened he doesn’t want to see his ex go to prison.


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Charges laid after foot fetish assaults

On September 13, 2012, in Assault & Battery, by djeyli

Police in Calgary, Canada, have arrested a man suspected in a spree of foot fetish assaults.

They have charged a 21-year-old man following a six-month probe into unwanted and inappropriate foot touching.

Det. Jim Hands said he investigated nine incidents involving eight victims and have laid charges on four cases.

In each case, middle-aged women were approached in grocery store or shopping mall parking lots by a man.

Police say he expressed an interest in the victims’ pedicure, suggesting he wanted to buy one for a wife or girlfriend.

He had the victims place their feet within touching distance to have a closer look at the details of the pedicure work before touching them inappropriately.

Hands said the accused is charged with assault in three of the cases and sexual assault in the fourth.

“The allegation is that this male licked one of the victims’ feet,” Hands said, noting there was a sexual motive in the case.

Middle-aged women between 45 and 65 years old were targeted.

The first assault took place in the city’s northeast in late January and the most recent happened July 26.

Hands said it took about six months before police were able to lay charges.

“Matters of this complexity obviously involve a lot of foot work, police work and a thorough investigation,” he said. “It’s been quite unusual to investigate by its very nature.

“It seems somewhat out there, but that’s the nature of police work.”

Hands said he’s been a police officer for more than 20 years and it is the first time he investigated such as case.

He added any allegations of assault on citizens are taken by police seriously.

“We want the city to be safe,” he said.

Mateusz Trojanowski is scheduled to appear in court Monday.

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A truck driver’s visit to a pizzeria in eastern Sweden spiralled out of control, leaving him bloodied and in his underwear, another man’s dentures crushed, and fellow diners aghast at having their food drenched with urine.

What began as a harmless night out with fellow drivers at a restaurant in Hallstavik, 100 kilometres north of Stockholm, took a turn for the worse when the 29-year-old truck driver was denied more beer because he was already too drunk.

Enraged at being cut off by staff at the pizzeria, the driver proceeded to urinate on other diners’ food.

His friends then started attacking other guests at the establishment on the belief someone had called police.

The angry driver then lost track of who was friend or foe, knocking flat one his friends who was trying to help the drunken 29-year-old find the door.

While police detained the 29-year-old’s punched out friend, the irate driver managed to escape the scene, only to mysteriously turn up in another man’s kitchen a short time later, bloodied and wearing only his underwear.

Exactly what happened to the 29-year-old’s clothes remains unclear, but along the way he managed to punch an unfortunate passer-by in the face with such force that he knocked out the man’s dentures, whereupon the mad driver stomped the toothless victim’s false teeth into the ground.

The proprietor of the kitchen into which the 29-year-old stumbled kindly offered to give the man a ride, only to find himself also being punched in the face by the rampaging truck driver as they made their way to the good Samaritan’s car.

But the driver’s drunken rampage, which took place on a Wednesday night in early August, wasn’t over yet.

Later in the evening, the 29-year-old tried to steal a car parked in a nearby driveway.

Unfortunately for the would-be car thief, the vehicle was equipped with an alcolock, preventing him from getting the car started and limiting his flight to a mere five metres.

The drunken driver with a fancy for fisticuffs nearly evaded capture for the evening’s escapades, but was eventually tracked down by police after he left his credit card and a pack of cigarettes in the car he’d attempted to steal.

He was finally apprehended at 1am and subsequently charged with two counts of assault and attempted auto theft.

Last week he was convicted on all charges and sentenced to three months in prison.

He was also ordered to pay a total of 25,000 kronor ($3,750) in compensation to two of the men he hit.


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A woman in Crestview, Florida, who said her husband was cheating on her was arrested after she allegedly jumped on his back and forced his mouth apart with her fingers.

On Aug. 30 two Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a residence about a disturbance.

Once there they interviewed a husband and wife, the apparent source of the disturbance.

The man said he’d been involved in an argument with his wife over a text message.

He came at about 8:30 that night and the argument continued, with his wife following him around the house, yelling in his face.

While in the bedroom, she allegedly jumped on his back and put her arm around his neck.

He removed her arm, but then she grabbed him from behind and placed her fingers in his mouth, pulling his mouth apart, the arrest report indicated.

This was said to have caused a small cut in his mouth.

The woman told deputies she had found out her husband was cheating on her and she’d told him not to come home.

As they argued, somehow her fingers “ended up in his mouth,” the deputy wrote.

The woman was charged with misdemeanor battery. Her court date is Sept. 18.


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It is so sad when there are news stories where bacon has been the cause of evil.

A Pittsfield man who police said attacked his mother last December after she yelled at him for eating too much bacon pleaded guilty to two charges on Thursday and was sentenced to four months in jail.

In Central Berkshire District Court, 19-year-old Christopher Rougeau of Pittsfield pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery and felony witness intimidation, for pushing his mother, grabbing her by the throat and knocking her to the ground, and disabling a phone she was trying to use to call for help.

The incident began, according to a Pittsfield Police report, when Rougeau’s mother came home and found him eating a large plate of bacon. She said she had been saving the meat for a special breakfast later in the week.

Rougeau is already serving a six-month jail sentence for violating probation and his other sentence will run concurrently to that stint.

The underlying charge was another assault and battery against his mother in June 2011.

Attorney Joseph P. Colonna, one of two lawyers representing Rougeau said his client was getting on the right track and had repaired his relationship with his mother.


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A 15-year-old Florida girl faces charges after she and her mother got into an argument, which turned physical, over “short shorts.”

On Aug. 30 an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy was summoned to a Destin residence to investigate a disturbance.

Once there the deputy was told by the girl’s mother that she and her daughter had become embroiled in an argument over shorts that were too short for school.

The woman said her daughter became “verbally combative,” so as punishment she decided to remove some electronics from the girl’s room.

The girl started throwing items around the room and told her mother to “Shut up f—-up bitch!” the deputy wrote in his report.

The girl’s mother admitted she “smacked” the girl in the mouth for cursing her, at which point the girl knocked her mother’s glasses off, kicked and bit her several times, and tried to choke her before fleeing the house.

The deputy saw bite marks and bruises on the woman’s arm.

Another sheriff’s deputy found the girl at her bus stop and asked her what had happened.

The girl recounted a similar to story to her mother’s, but said she bit her mother so she could escape.

She was charged with misdemeanor battery and has an Oct. 10 court date.

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