Here is more evidence that free speech and the right to protest is a thing of the past in the UK.

A mock awards ceremony at the Olympic Clock in Trafalgar Square descended into farce on Friday after police arrested six people taking part.

Three people pretending to be corporate representatives from BP, Dow and Rio Tinto were awarded gold medals for being the worst corporate sponsors of the Olympics, before having small quantities of green custard poured over their heads.

The good-natured performance took about 15 minutes and was clearly amusing a number of passers by.

After the ceremony was over and the performers were packing up, about 25 police officers arrived and arrested six people, including the three corporate representatives and people who were mopping up the small amounts of custard on the ground with paper towels.

When confronted, the police officers alleged that ‘criminal damage’ had been done by custard falling on to the stone surface of Trafalgar Square.

Before the arrested were even driven away, the controversial custard had been completely cleaned up leaving no trace whatsoever.

One of the arrests was Laurie Flynn, the Chair of Trustees of the Bhopal Medical Appeal who was only observing the event and happened to have picked up the fake medals as part of the tidy-up.

The arrests took place despite the fact that Lord Coe himself has stated: “[the United Kingdom] is a democratic nation, we have a tradition of peaceful demonstrations as long as it doesn’t become a public order issue, we take it as that”.

The Greenwash Gold Ceremony was the culmination of a three month campaign in which members of the public were invited to vote online for they thought was the worst corporate sponsor.

The awards were compered by Meredith Alexander, the ex ‘Olympics ethics csar’ who resigned over controversies surrounding Olympic sponsors.

Kevin Smith of London Mining Network said: “Arresting people over small quantities of spilt custard is incredibly heavy handed policing. Peoples’ freedom of expression is being sacrificed at the Olympics in favour of the protection of the brands of controversial sponsors like BP, Dow and Rio Tinto.”

Meredith Alexander who witnessed the arrests said: “It’s an Olympic sized overreaction to arrest people just for telling the truth about the Sponsors.

“Dow Chemical, BP, and Rio Tinto have bought themselves a global opportunity to present a friendly face. Greenwash Gold was set up to tell the other side of the story- the toxic legacy that each of these companies have left behind. It’s outrageous to think that a 15 minute street performance and some green custard required the attention of around 25 police officers. If the companies can’t stand a bit of critical attention, they shouldn’t have sponsored London 2012, which is meant to be the greenest games ever.”

Colin Toogood of the Bhopal Medical Appeal said: “After Lord Coe’s own statement claiming he supported peaceful protests, these arrests look like giving LOCOG yet another PR headache. This was a peaceful and legitimate protest, against terrible corporate sponsors, and protesters seem to have been arrested for spilling a small amount of custard!”


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A New Jersey man celebrating the repeal of a boardwalk bathing suit ban has been arrested for lewdness after he removed his shorts to reveal a Borat-inspired ‘mankini’.

Steve Ettinger, 26, was arrested at Asbury Park’s boardwalk at around 1.40pm on Saturday during a bathing suit party to mark the city’s decision to scrap a law banning swim suits from the boardwalk.

A man with a microphone urged a topless Ettinger to take off his shorts and show the small crowd the previously forbidden attire, chanting “Borat” to egg him on.

The rotund Ettinger begrudgingly complied, unbuttoning his shorts, partially exposing his genitals as he bent down to drop his shorts.

“You just exposed yourself. I saw you,” an officer said to Ettinger as he arrested him.

Ettinger was cuffed and led away as the small group of activists followed closely behind taunting the police and protesting their friend’s innocence.

Ettinger has received a summons to appear in court for indecent exposure.

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36-year-old Shannon White from Illinois really wanted another beer.

Upset that her boyfriend had cut her off, White called 911 Saturday night to tell them that the man refused to give her more beer.

Despite being warned, she called a total of six times, Belleville police said.

Police responded to the house around 11:14 p.m. after White’s sixth and final call.

She was arrested for disorderly conduct and false use of 911.

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A registered sex offender in New York has been arrested on charges that he groped a New Jersey woman aboard a PATH train on two occasions, Port Authority police reported.

61-year-old Gian Verdelli from Brooklyn was on arrested Monday in Jersey City by undercover officers, who identified him by using a cell phone photo the 28-year woman took of her alleged attacker after a July 3 incident.

The woman said that the same man had also groped her on June 30.

The alleged serial groper would target crowded rush hour trains, naturally pressing his flesh against other passengers and molesting young women.

Verdelli is charged with two counts of criminal sexual misconduct and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Verdelli had 168 prior arrests, the majority of which were for sexual offenses, officials said.

The arrest had many women who ride the PATH train concerned and outraged.

“There should be laws that keep people like that in jail a little bit longer,” one commuter said.

Another woman said she is always on guard during her commute and will move away if she spots someone suspicious.

Verdelli is being held without bail.

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Out of control Florida police allegedly tasered a man three times after he was caught jaywalking in a second incident which has caused widespread outrage as police flaunt the law.

Zikomo Peurifoy was initially stopped by officers in Casselberry, Florida, for allegedly ignoring crosswalk signals.

However, the encounter quickly spiralled out of control after Peurifoy refused to give officers his name and eventually resulted with the cops repeatedly tasering him.

After he was cuffed, officers found a gun on Peurifoy although they later found he had a permit to carry the weapon.

The entire struggle was filmed by Peurifoy’s friend, Noelle Price, and has been uploaded onto Peurifoy’s YouTube account.

Price was found to be illegally carrying a firearm, as well as brass knuckles, pepper spray and a knife, police said.

The 10-minute YouTube video shows Peurifoy repeatedly deny two police officers’ requests for his ID.

‘It’s not a lawful command,’ Peurifoy says again and again.

As Price is heard screaming at the officers to get their supervisor, an officer warns Peurifoy that they will taser him if he doesn’t submit to handcuffs.

Struggling with the officers, Peurifoy is heard in the video saying, ‘I am not resisting arrest.’

As an officer points a taser gun at him, Price threatens the cops that she is recording the whole thing.

The footage then appears to show the officers tasering Peurifoy once and a further two times as he tries to escape.

The third zapping brings Peurifoy collapsing to the ground and officers are able to cuff him.

‘You just committed a crime. You assaulted me with a taser,’ Peurifoy tells the officers.

As well as landing a ticket for jaywalking, Peurifoy was charged with resisting arrest and battery on a law enforcement officer.

Noelle Price was also arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon and resisting arrest without violence for refusing to disclose her full name to police, reported ABC.

Casselberry Police have dismissed accusations of excessive force while Captain David Del Rosso told ABC that the video may be shown to other officers as an example of how to deal with uncooperative suspects.

‘The officers were polite the whole time through and gave good verbal commands,’ Del Rosso told the news station. ‘You hear the officer saying why he stopped him.’

Despite the police dismissal, the public is demanding that action be taken against the officers involved and a full investigation into the wider police force be held.

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Police in Des Peres, Mo. have arrested a man suspected of hugging women he did not know in and around a local supermarket.

The 44-year-old white male, whose identity has not been released, was arrested last month the same day he was questioned by a separate police department who also received complaints of unsolicited hugging, the Riverfront Times reported.

Detective Marshall Broughton told the Times he has 32 different complaints on file that reveal the serial hugger’s technique.

“It’s all the same, all generic. ‘Remember me from down the street, I was in the white house on the corner, we had the lab.’” Broughton explained that the victims, who were often asked for a birthday hug, were usually embarrassed they didn’t remember him and played along.

One report filed with the Warson Woods police department said the hugger once kissed an individual on the lips, leading the St. Louis County Attorney’s office to consider 3rd degree assault charges.

Nicknamed “Jack the Gripper” by the Times, the man was finally nabbed after one of his victims scribbled down his license plate number and reported it to police, who reviewed the supermarket’s security tape.

The hugger has struck in Des Peres, Kirkwood, St. Charles, Fairview Heights, Wood River, Warson Woods and Wentzville. It looks as though his reign of awkwardness has come to an end though.

The St. Louis County Attorney’s office is expected to file charges soon.


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Robert Bell who wants to become a lawyer is suing New York City after he was arrested for giving the middle finger to three police officers.

Bell said in his federal court lawsuit that he was using an “obviously protected form of speech” under the First Amendment when he flipped the bird at three police officers who had their backs turned to him.

Bell said his subsequent arrest was a violation of his civil rights and could prevent him from receiving admission to “the law school(s) of his choice.”

The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages from the city.

“We have not yet received the lawsuit, and at this point, these are simply allegations,” a city Law Department spokeswoman said.

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28-year-old Jeffrey Brondum from Colorado allegedly made “repeated attempts” to grab the “wiener” of a federal ranger who had stopped him for operating an unregistered ATV.

He is now locked up and facing a stiff prison term.

While on patrol Friday afternoon, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rangers spotted three unregistered ATVs driving along the Alpine Loop Backcountry Byway, a narrow, winding mountain road in San Juan County.

Rangers Logan Briscoe and Tyler Fouss decided to “cut the group a break” and issue a single violation.

When they asked who was resposible for the unregistered ATVs, up stepped Jeffrey Brondum. The 28-year-old, who was driving a red Honda ATV carrying his wife and three-year-old son.

Brondum quickly went from compliant to “directly defiant” when the rangers prepared to issue the violation, according to investigators.

When it appeared that Brondum was set to drive off, the rangers struggled to get him off the ATV. During that tussle, Brondum allegedly struck Briscoe in the head.

After being handcuffed at Taser-point, Brondum “made repeated attempts at grabbing my ‘wiener’ by reaching towards my groin area,” reported Briscoe, who added that he had to “physically push Brondum’s hand away from my groin area.”

Brondum then told the rangers, “I will give both of you an invitation to come visit me in my cell. At the same time. I will fuck your world up. Especially for you, I have a hard on for you, big boy.”

The latter comment was apparently directed at Briscoe, who reported that Brondum made another attempt to “reach for my groin” while saying “Just a little touch.”

Brondum was named yesterday in a criminal complaint accusing him of assaulting a federal officer, a felony carrying a prison term of up to eight years (and a maximum $250,000 fine).

Brondum is scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in Denver tomorrow for a detention hearing.

In a Facebook post today, Brondum’s wife contended that her family was “assaulted” by BLM rangers.

“We all need to make a stand and let the world know that our country was founded on equal rights and just because you have a uniform on dies [sic] not make it ok to brutalize others,” Teran Brondum wrote. “A revolution is coming!!”

See Facbook post HERE

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Police arrested 53 people for failing to eliminate stagnant water and other mosquito breeding grounds as Sri Lanka tries to prevent dengue fever, which has infected thousands already this year.

Police, army and health officers searched 11,500 houses in the capital Colombo over seven hours on Sunday, police spokesman Ajith Rohana said.

Those arrested for not cleaning up their surrounding environment face fines and up to six months in jail.

He said this is the first time police made such a large number of arrests from Colombo for failing to clean mosquito breeding places.

Dengue fever has killed 74 people this year and infected 15,000.

Health officials say it has increased because residents have become more careless about cleaning their properties and eliminating mosquito breeding grounds.

The flu-like illness is spread by the Aedes mosquito and spikes during the annual monsoons, when the rains leave puddles of stagnant water where the insects breed.

In Sri Lanka, the southwest monsoon that usually begins in May lasts until September.

Dengue starts suddenly with a high fever, rash, severe headache and pain behind the eyes and in the muscles and joints. The severity of the joint pain has given dengue the name “breakbone fever.” Nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite also are common.

The government said last week 10,000 security forces had been deployed to help dengue eradication efforts this month. They help to search houses and buildings to detect breeding places and join other public workers to clean public buildings and places.

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An naked man was arrested in Port St. Lucie after Florida police say that he tried to break into a home.

Port St. Lucie police encountered the nude man after a complaint of a naked man walking down Southeast West Dunbrooke Circle.

Several folks flagged down an officer, saying that a naked man was trying to break in a home.

The officer noticed 52-year-old Daniel Hurtubise trying to pull open the rear sliding door of a home.

Hurtubise said he lived at an address in the 2000 block of Southeast West Dunbrooke Circle and that he was at home.

“I then noticed that Daniel was heavily intoxicated,” a report states. “Daniel could not tell me why he was nude, and offered no explanation.”

People at the scene told police that they were returning from a convenience store when they spotted a naked man walking in the street.

“They stated they could clearly see his sexual organs and they stopped to yell at him and ask him what he was doing,” the report states.

Naked pedestrians are not often encountered on public or private roadways.

Hurtubise was arrested on charges including resist officer without violence, disorderly intoxication, indecent exposure and loitering or prowling.

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