A Calgary woman chose to falsely accused her father of rape after a failed suicide attempt during which she had anally mutilated herself with a pair of scissors.

“When I found out I survived it I didn’t know what to do, I was lying there medicated,” the unnamed woman said in court.

The 40-year-old mother-of-two told provincial court Judge John Bascom that – after her October 2010 suicide attempt had failed – she decided to blame her father for her injuries.

She then formally accused him of raping her anally.

The father was twice interviewed by police but denied involvement.

The woman’s father was not charged after investigators concluded that the woman’s injuries were consistent with those caused by a knife or scissors.

The woman eventually admitted to using scissors to cause her wounds.

The woman faces up to 3 1/2 years in prison. She is free on bail until sentencing on August 28.

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Two years ago a Catholic priest was accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill a teenager who accused him of sexual abuse. On Thursday, a jury found him guilty.

52-year-old Rev. John Fiala was arrested after a sting set up by The Department of Public Safety and its Texas Ranger Division after one of Fiala’s neighbors went to police claiming the priest had offered him $5,000 to kill someone.

The ‘victim’ was an 18-year-old boy whom Fiala had met in 2007, when the boy was only 16 and when Fiala was a priest at the Sacred Heart of Mary Parish.

Police say that Fiala would meet the teen at the teen’s grandmother’s house and would groom him with gifts like a cell phone, MP3 player, and cash for a car. In 2008, during a trip to a youth event, Fiala allegedly raped the teen at gunpoint in a motel room.

Afterwards, Fiala began abusing the teen at least twice a month. These incidents would take place on church grounds under the guise of private catechism lessons, or in motels when Fiala would drive the boy to meet his girlfriend.

Fiala would keep the teen submissive by threatening to harm his family or his girlfriend if he told anyone. Police got involved after the teen finally informed a school counselor about the abuse.

Fiala thought that if the teen wasn’t around to pursue the charges against him, so he decided he would simply hire someone to kill the boy.

The person he propositioned went to police who then setup the aforementioned sting and arranged for Fiala to meet with an undercover agent posing as a hit man. Police would capture Fiala on video and audiotape offering the agent money to kill the teenager.

Fiala was subsequently arrested and charged with one count of solicitation to commit capital murder and two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

After his arrest, authorities found photos of young males on his computer, some of which were wearing only underwear and exposing themselves. They also found a Facebook account used by Fiala under the name “Ziggy the Great,” a person who collected toys and had a Sponge Bob Square Pants calendar.

The church had already removed Fiala as a priest before the accusations of sexual assault emerged, because of his interference with the custodial relationship between the teen and his grandmother. Police have not revealed what, exactly, that interference was.

On Thursday, after his trial concluded with his defense attorney saying Fiala wasn’t serious about hiring a hit man, a jury of three men and nine women returned a with a guilty verdict after a few hours’ deliberation. Fiala was facing life in prison, but the jury sentenced Fiala to 60 years in prison. He will be eligible for parole after 15 years.

The teen and his family have also filed a lawsuit against Fiala as well as the archdioceses of San Antonio, Texas, and Omaha, Nebraska and Fiala’s religious order, the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, claiming they should have known what a danger Fiala was and accuses them of covering up his abuse.

“He’s a dangerous predator and has been since at least 1988,” said Tom Rhodes, the teen’s attorney.

“The church has known how dangerous this guy is for many, many years. They had full knowledge, we believe, and the documents seem to bear that out — that they knew what a bad person he was and what a danger he was to children.”

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A disabled man in a wheelchair who allegedly took the genitals of four young men on Friday, March 16, along Rumuola axis of Aba Road was rescued by the police whose quick intervention saved the man from being burnt alive.

Eyewitnesses said that the first man’s penis was allegedly taken from him when he offered money to the disabled man who prior to the incident, was sitting comfortably in his wheelchair.

Having been dispossessed of his manhood, the man now shocked, and in a terrible fit of anger, reportedly started beating the disabled man and in the process brought him down from his wheelchair.

Seeing him in that state, three other young men went to help him by putting him back in his wheelchair. That was when the second bombshell occurred.

The boys having come in contact with the disabled man said to be wearing all sorts or amulets in his waist, purportedly had their penis vanished.

“The shouts of,he has stolen our prick rented the air, which attracted great crowd, some of whom joined now in beating the Hausa cripple and eventually succeeded in burning his wheelchair”, they further said.

Before he could be lynched, police reportedly arrived on the scene and took the four boys and the disabled man to the Divisional Police station.

Reporters who were following the story spoke to the DPO of the Police Station, a very Polite Officer, who immediately ordered his junior officers to bring the boys into his office so that they could be interviewed.

On entering his office, the DPO ordered them to pull down their trousers, so that the alleged missing genitals could be confirmed. When they did that, it was seen that their genitals were intact, although they complained that they were lifeless.

One of them particularly complained that since the incident took place he had not been able to urinate even though the urge to urinate had been there.

Not wanting to take chances, and insisting that the boys’ manhoods must be confirmed working or lifeless, the DPO ordered one or two of his junior officers to take them to a hospital so that a doctor could examine them.

He was confident that the boys are normal, having been examined by a doctor. His confidence was boosted by the fact that the boys had not come back to the station to complain again.

Subsequently, the disabled man who allegedly perpetrated the act had been released on bail.

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