Two female co-workers at a meat processing plant in Fujian, eastern China, got into a food fight on the production line over who was the fairest of them all—and the argument spiralled so out of control that their colleagues had to call the police.

It all started when 22-year-old Xin, learned that her friend, 20-year-old Zhang, had landed a bigger financial loan from the factory than she had.

“I was angry with her after I found out that she managed to borrow more money from the company than me,” Xin confessed.

The fight broke out when Zhang took a dig at Xin’s skin tone.

“You look darker lately,” she told Xin, who said, “When she made fun of me and said I was dark, I got mad and lost my mind.”

At first the ladies sparred verbally.

“You don’t look any fairer!” Xin said.

“Fairer than you!” Zhang replied.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

Xin grabbed a fist full of meat floss from the manufacturing line and threw it in Zhang’s face.

Zhang retaliated by throwing a bunch of dried meat back at Xin.

And then they really went for each other, which got so bad that police had to come in and break them up.

Baogai police force, from China’s Fujian province, later let the girls off without charge but gave them a stern warning.

Like other Asian countries, China’s vanity market has been flooded by skin whitening products.

Millions of women are being influenced by advertisements that push these lightening skin care items as the ultimate in modern beauty.

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