Man busted for oral sex on sleeping guys

On August 7, 2012, in Sex Crimes, by djeyli

A Harrisburg DJ, Dajuan Porter, allegedly trawled the Pennsylvania bar scene and targeted unsuspecting sleeping men to give them oral sex.

Porter, was recently arrested and charged with sexual assault on three men.

Porter was apparently notorious in that club scene for assaulting men as they slept and police are urging more victims to come forward.

The three charges brought against Porter occur over the past year.

In the first case, Porter allegedly climbed up a man’s fire escape, broke in, and began performing oral sex on him. In the next two cases, both victims said they knew Porter and similarly report waking up to the DJ performing oral sex on them when Porter slept over with a group of friends.

Porter’s acts of sexual assault appear to have been so frequent that it became common-place knowledge in some circles.

Porter was charged with sexual assault and not rape in this case. Generally, someone convicted of rape in Pennsylvania faces a prison sentence twice as long than for sexual assault.

However, to be charged with rape, a suspect typically has to engage in force or threat of force in the sexual act.

Because Dajuan Porter allegedly gave oral sex to sleeping guys, he may have avoided the more serious rape charges by avoiding the use of force.

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