Police in Florida say a man who calls himself Jesus Christ repeatedly threatened and attacked his neighbour after accusing him of being the Antichrist.

Palm Bay Police Department officers received a complaint about 51-year-old Kenneth Peterson after he allegedly attacked his neighbour, Fred Padilla, on Charles Boulevard.

“He told police that the reason he was attacking us was because he was the saviour and I was Satan. I believe that was the word he used,” said Padilla.

Officers said Peterson attacked Padilla, or damaged the neighbour’s property, multiple times since February.

Peterson is accused of shooting at Padilla with a BB gun. Officials said most recently, Peterson threatened Padilla with a crowbar.

Padilla said he has a restraining order against Peterson and police have arrested him two times, but each time the state attorney’s office has not pressed charges saying there was a lack of evidence.

Padilla installed surveillance cameras to catch Peterson in the act and said it worked, because over the weekend Peterson was arrested for the third time.

Detectives were working on a ruse to get Peterson out of his home on Wednesday, but they say they apprehended him when he came out to get his mail instead.

Peterson did try to retreat back into his home, but officers stopped him just short of the front door.

Officers said they seized multiple items from Peterson’s home, after obtaining a search warrant.

“He has to be removed from a position where he can do damage to us and other people. If he needs treatment, then take him somewhere where he can get that treatment,” said Padilla.

Police said Padilla never did anything to provoke Peterson’s attacks.

Peterson faces aggravated assault charges and stalking charges. He is being held on $150,000 bond at the Brevard County Jail.

News video HERE

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