42-year-old Ronnie Ann Richards from Florida was arrested after a “body scan” at the St. Lucie County jail revealed an “unknown object” lodged in her vagina.

Richards, of Fort Pierce, was being processed at the jail when she was asked whether she had any contraband. She answered “No”.

A “body scan,” however, detected an “unknown object” in Richards’ genitals.

Richards was strip searched, and a St. Lucie County Sheriff’s deputy noted “a white object protruding from her vagina.”

Ordered by a deputy to extract and hand over anything she’d inserted in her genitals, Richards removed some tissue.

“She was re-scanned and the aforementioned object was still present,” an affidavit states.

Deputies put Richards in a “security enclosure.” The enclosure first was searched, and no contraband was found. She apparently was put there to wait to be taken to a medical area at the jail.

After a sergeant took her out, he recovered a 3.5-inch glass crack pipe on the floor of the “security enclosure.”

Richards again was scanned and no objects were noted.

The body scan and alleged crack pipe recovery happened June 28, though Richards was arrested July 3 in connection with the incident.

Richards was arrested on charges including drug equipment possession and/or use, smuggle contraband/introduce into detention facility and evidence destroying.

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