Police say that they aren’t going to pursue charges against a Texas man who carved “suck it” into the a horse’s teeth.

The words “suck it” were carved into the incisors teeth of “Cowboy” the horse in 2009, allegedly by a man named Nick Coates.

Coates was hired by the Running R Guest Ranch in Bandera to file the teeth of horses in the fall of 2009, said ranch manager Diane Migliaccio.

Migliaccio alleged Coates took the opportunity to engrave the teeth of Cowboy, and another horse, Diablo, using a Dremel-like rotary tool. “RR” was found carved into Diablo’s teeth.

“I was irate,” Migliaccio said.

Veterinarian Samantha Mixon said the act of engraving a horse’s teeth constitutes animal cruelty and filed a complaint against Coates on June 26.

Police investigated the incident, but cited a statue of limitations and varying vet opinions when they said they will not likely pursue charges against Coates.

“At this point, the case is pretty well closed unless I get additional information,” Sgt. Shane Merritt of the Bandera County Sheriff Office said Thursday.

Meanwhile, Cowboy’s new owner, Jay Sorrell, he has some procedures in mind for Coates.

“I’d like to get him alone for 15 minutes,” said Sorrell, 70. “I’ve got a Dremel, too.”

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