A 13-year-old boy is now under intensive care after two colleagues at the auto workshop he was working at forcibly inserted a pump nozzle into his anus, and pumped him up like a car tyre.

Du Chuanwang woke up from an 8-day coma three days ago, and was rushed from Dezhou, Shandong province to Beijing, on an ambulance, where he was placed in intensive care at the Beijing Bayi Children’s Hospital.

The boy lost his mother at a tender age and has been working at the workshop to supplement the family income.

The two workers who inflicted the grievous bodily harm on the boy “as a joke” have been detained by Shandong authorities.

Doctors say that had the two workers just stepped up the pressure a bit, the boy could have exploded. Aside from 28 punctures in the boy’s intestines, he is also now suffering from multiple organ failure.

When he arrived at the hospital, his intestines were hanging outside his body.

The boy and his younger brother shared a touching moment at the hospital before his transfer to Beijing. The younger brother was shocked beyond words to say anything when he arrived at the hospital. But he eventually cried out, “Brother, you need to get well soon and make me steamed buns!”

The elder Chuanwang had learned how to make steamed buns and cook at the age of 7 after the death of their mother.

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