A man stood in the street in Plymouth, England, and directed traffic while drunk, a court heard.

James Sayle, aged 36, later told police he was ‘Batman’, Plymouth magistrates were told. Sayle admitted being drunk and disorderly in Stonehouse on June 5.

Gareth Warden, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said officers were called to deal with a man standing in the middle of Cecil Street trying to direct traffic.

He added that officers saw he was unsteady on his feet and believed he was drunk.

Mr Warden said Sayle was given some ‘words of advice’ and told to go home. But he added that 45 minutes later police were called to the Melbourne pub because a man was refusing to leave.

Mr Warden said they found Sayle, who had been thrown out of the pub, ‘shouting at the top of his voice’.

He added he was saying he was ‘Batman’.

Mr Warden said police again gave him advice but he continued to swear and shout until he was arrested.

Sayle, representing himself, said he had broken his ankle which ‘aggravated the situation’.

He added he did not drink all the time, but when he did he had trouble stopping.

The court heard that his case would be referred to drink and drugs counselling service Harbour.

Presiding magistrate Yvonne Quinlan said Sayle ’caused havoc’.

The bench gave him a 12-month conditional discharge.

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