An armed robbery suspect in Portland, Oregon,ended up in the hospital after he hid inside a shed for several hours and drank whatever he could find – including petrol, vinegar, motor oil and carburetor fluid.

On Tuesday, police identified the suspect as 23-year-old Tyler Levi Brant.

The incident began at around 1:30 p.m. in the 10200 block of Southeast Pardee Street when a homeowner was robbed at gunpoint and the suspect took off.

The homeowner was not hurt but officers quickly began searching for the armed man.

A few hours later, Brant was found inside a shed a few blocks away.

When officers tried to talk to him, there was no response.

A while later, Brant eventually came out of the shed. He was barely able to crawl and was sweating profusely.

That’s when police discovered that he had been drinking anything he could get his hands on inside the shed, all of which was toxic.

Brant was taken away in an ambulance but released from the hospital Monday night.

Police said Brant was taken to the Multnomah County Jail and charged with first degree robbery and first degree burglary.

News video HERE

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