Man accused of stealing $1.89 candy bar

On July 12, 2012, in Shoplifting, by djeyli

Florida police said that 42-year-old Edward Hodapp who is accused of stealing a Snickers bar worth $1.89, apologized to the arresting deputy for wasting police time.

The Manatee County Sheriff’s office said that a deputy responded to a 7-Eleven store Tuesday where Hodapp was accused of stealing a large Snickers bar.

Hodapp allegedly told the deputy at first he hadn’t stolen anything, but the Snickers bar was found in his pocket during a search and security camera footage allegedly showed him taking the candy bar from the shop.

The sheriff’s office said that the deputy again questioned Hodapp about the candy bar and the suspect responded by holding his hands out to be cuffed.

The arrest affidavit said Hodapp spoke to the deputy on the way to the jail, saying he “was really sorry for wasting your and the clerk’s time tonight … I should have just stayed at home.”

Hodapp has been charged with petty theft/shoplifting.

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