A suspected armed robber evaded UK police custody today after allegedly escaping through a luggage chute moments before he was arrested by officers.

32-year-old Anthony Morrison touched down at Manchester Airport on a flight from Amsterdam when he was due to be held for questioning.

However, he is believed to have got into the secure baggage area of Terminal 3 before leaving through the main door.

Detectives want to speak to Morrison in connection with an armed robbery in Oldham, Greater Manchester, in December last year, and he was due to be held at an immigration desk in Terminal One.

He is understood to have contacted police from Amsterdam to say he wanted to give himself up.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: ‘On Friday police were made aware that a 32-year-old man was flying into Manchester Airport from Amsterdam to be spoken to in connection with a robbery that took place in the Oldham area in December 2011.

‘After the plane landed the man subsequently escaped.

‘Inquiries are ongoing to find the man and a review of the circumstances of how he escaped is underway.’

Two years ago, the UK Border Agency’s (UKBA) independent chief inspector criticised Manchester Airport over its security.

John Vine said he’d found two areas, one thought to be in Terminal 3, which allowed travellers to walk out without passing through customs and immigration checks.

Mr Vine said: ‘We observed that there were two areas in the airport where there was the potential for international passengers transferring between terminals to be able to walk out of the airport without passing through primary control points.

‘It was considered serious enough to have been discussed at the level of Home Secretary yet had been removed from the airport risk register, placed on a regional risk register and not dealt with.’

He added that he was concerned to discover UKBA staff had known about the ‘potential risk to the border’ for some time.

Manchester Airport said at the time that the issues had been addressed by the UKBA.

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