Four people from Pennsylvania who fired water guns loaded with chlorinated water on a teen and her younger brother from a moving car, are now facing misdemeanor disorderly conduct and harassment charges.

The teen victim and her brother were standing in front of their home on Wednesday when a silver Chevy Aveo with four people in it “drove past and fired an unknown, noxious-smelling liquid at her from inside the vehicle.”

The victim–Gloria Sloan-Mallory–told police “she heard them laughing after they struck her and her younger brother.”

Sloan-Mallory was able to provide New Castle police with a license plate number for the car which was quickly traced to 18-year-old Carli Malley who was the driver of the vehicle along with three passengers: Paul Fee, 24; Victoria Greco, 19; and Andrew Ayers, 18.

The shooters met up with police at the Greco home where, according to cops, the four admitted to firing the liquid at Sloan-Mallory.

After being informed that the victim wished to press charges, Greco’s parents became “very irate and started yelling and causing a disturbance” and then threw police off their property.

Police left the scene, but not before informing the quartet that they would be receiving charges in the mail.

Malley, Fee, Greco, and Ayers are all scheduled for arraignment on July 7, while Greco’s parents will also be hit with disorderly conduct and disorderly house charges for their behavior toward cops during the investigation.

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