It is a classic Internet love story gone wrong:

Boy meets girl.

Boy falls in love with girl.

Boy exchanges nude photos with girl.

Boy discovers girl is actually a gay guy.

Boy plots revenge killings.

Boy travels to California on Greyhound bus.

Boy stalks prospective victims.

Boy arrested by FBI.

A Michigan man who was the victim of an online hoax was indicted last month on two felony charges for allegedly plotting to harm a California couple whom he mistakenly believed was somehow involved in the cruel, two-year-long romantic ruse.

Brian Hile, 28, was arrested last year after traveling to the San Diego area “with the intent of killing various individuals,” according to federal investigators.

The unemployed Hile, who had been living with his 86-year-old grandmother in her mobile home, is now locked up without bond in a federal correctional center.

The bizarre details of Hile’s online romance, his realization that he had been duped, and his subsequent plan to retaliate for the hoax are detailed explicitly on The Smoking Gun website.

Due to the extremely complicated story, we will not go into any further details on this site. For the whole story explained in detail, click HERE

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