35-year-old Kalvin Hulvey picked the wrong car to steal in Oklahoma.

Jeremy Penny was working in a Tulsa field with his father and brother when he spotted Hulvey taking off with his 1997 Buick LeSabre.

Penny and his father, who both do rodeo work, immediately jumped into a truck and chased after Hulvey, eventually catching up to him at an intersection.

Penny, who stands 6-foot-5-inches and weighs 240-pounds, reached in and pulled Hulvey out of his car before his father proceeded to hog-tie Hulvey and suspend him from a nearby fence.

“I rodeo, we both rodeo,” said Penny. “But here lately, I’ve been having bad luck keeping calves tied, so he did the tying up. That way we made sure he stayed tied.”

And that’s where Hulvey stayed until police arrived and arrested him.

Hulvey, who has prior felony convictions of burglary and possession of a controlled drug, was charged with larceny of a motor vehicle and is in jail on a $10,000 bond.

No one was hurt, but police strongly advice the public not to apprehend suspects themselves. Penny agrees and says luck just happened to be on their side.

“It could have gone bad in so many different ways,” Penny said. “There was only one way it could go good and it just so happen it went good for me today.”

Penny says he was just caught up in the moment, angry that someone would steal his car, and made angrier when he learned Hulvey did not like his taste in music.

“I was really mad when I drove up next to him and he was changing my radio station,” said Penny.

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