Pennsylvania police have said that they have arrested a woman with “ZOMBIE” plates who allegedly used a stun gun on a man who confronted her about an alleged hit-and-run.

Allentown police said that Pedro Gonzalez Jr. confronted 29-year-old Yardley Joy Frantz when she attempted to drive away from the scene where she allegedly hit his father, Pedro Gonzalez Sr., and his nephew, Carlos Correa, who was riding in a toy car.

Frantz allegedly shot Gonzalez in the chest with a stun gun and sped off, but police were able to track her down when witnesses told them about her personalized license plate reading “ZOMBIE.”

Frantz told police she did not know who had been driving her car, but Jared Billman told them he was her passenger at the time.

Police arrested Frantz and she was charged with three counts each of simple assault and harassment, and one count each of aggravated assault, accidents involving death or personal injury, disorderly conduct, careless driving and failing to stop and give information or render aid.

The suspect was also charged with three stun gun-related counts, including using an incapacitation device. She was released on $20,000 bail.

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