Police have filed an arrest warrant for a mother they said put PCP, also known as “angel dust,” in her 6-year-old’s school lunch. The drug caused the child to hallucinate and hear “banging in her head.”

A school counselor became concerned when the Del Valle Popham Elementary School student said she could hear “banging in her head” and started talking to people who were not there.

The counselor called the 34-year-old mother, Torina Gutierrez, who reportedly told her, “Don’t call EMS, and don’t call CPS, I’m on my way.”

Gutierrez later called EMS to her home, where the girl allegedly tested positive for phencyclidine, or PCP.

Police said that when the drug was also found in Gutierrez’ blood, Child Protective Services removed the child from the home and placed her with a family member.

The girl later told CPS workers that her mom made her lunch that day and that her lunch meat tasted like “fireworks.” She said she thought the drug her mom calls “angel dust” had probably gotten into her lunch meat.

Police said that she also drew a picture of the container that “angel dust” comes in and said she had seen it at her house.

Police said they believe Gutierrez intentionally placed her child in danger and that she is now being charged with child endangerment.

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