Thief steals flag from man in chicken suit

On June 8, 2012, in Theft, by djeyli

The men who don the chicken suit know the dangers. Still, Eric Didio was startled on Wednesday afternoon by a brazen thief with no respect for feathered advertising.

Didio, 23, an employee of Boston Market restaurant, was cavorting in his bright yellow costume, waving a small American flag to passersby on Pleasant Valley Road, when a brazen thief interrupted his chicken-hawking.

“He was standing out here, doing his little chicken dance, and a guy hopped out of a car stopped at the light, ran over here, grabbed the flag and took off,” restaurant general manager Nathan Atwood said.

Shortly after the theft, reported at about 12:30 p.m., Atwood stood next to Didio, providing security for his “chicken dude.” Atwood said a customer who witnessed the theft called police.

The emergency dispatcher could not relay the entire call, twice breaking into laughter while trying to say, “chicken suit.”

Didio and Atwood could only describe the thief as “an overweight white dude.”

Didio was working to mark the grand reopening of the Boston Market, which Atwood said was recently renovated.

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