Four people from California were arrested last week after being suspected of burglarizing a Little League concession stand and leaving behind a trail of snacks back to their hideout.

Police were notified just before midnight last Thursday that someone was making a lot of noise at the Rolando Little League snack bar in Rolando Park, La Mesa police Sgt. Colin Atwood said.

When officers arrived they found the people had fled but that they had left behind evidence that led police right to them.

“We found a trail of chips, candy, and other snacks leading away from the scene and up the street,” Atwood said.

The officers followed the trail of empty cookie, chips and Cheetos packages a couple blocks to Judson Way where they found more snacks behind a vehicle, Atwood said.

They searched the home that the vehicle was parked in front of and found property belonging to the Little League, including a cash register, in a bedroom at the house, Atwood said.

One man, two women and a girl were arrested on burglary charges, Atwood said. The adults were booked into jail and the girl was taken to Juvenile Hall, police said.

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