An Florida woman is accused of choking her boyfriend after he refused to marry her so that she wouldn’t be deported.

24-year-old Nikoleta Karoly from East Naples was arrested on Saturday by Collier County sheriff’s deputies at her home.

Karoly’s immigration visa expired last week and she was trying to get her boyfriend of two months to marry her so that she can get a new visa. Reports did not list Karoly’s country of origin.

Her boyfriend told deputies that he was hesitant to marry her because she had become increasingly violent toward him. He also told deputies that three weeks ago they were arguing over the visa and it resulted in her punching him.

Deputies said that when Karoly’s boyfriend refused to marry her, she became violent and attempted to choke and scratch him. Karoly’s boyfriend also told deputies that she had slapped him so hard that it caused his ear to ring to the point he thought he was going deaf.

Karoly had recently started threatening her boyfriend that she would stab him with a kitchen knife if he did not marry her.

When deputies asked Karoly about it, she told them that she had hit and scratched her boyfriend while they were making love because it makes it better.

Karoly was arrested on a charge of domestic violence.


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