A man fighting a driving offence amazed court staff when he subpoenaed a police dog to testify as his key witness for his defence case.

Rodney McGee, from Charlotte County in Florida, asked the court for an extension to his case because not everyone was present. He then demanded that ‘Officer Azor K9′ be brought before the court.

However, even he looked stunned when the canine was led into the courtroom and presented to the judge.

McGee had sent the dog a subpoena to give evidence during his defence against a charge of failing to use his turn signal.

During the incident, back in February, McGee was stopped by Azor’s police handler, who suspected he had drugs in car,

However, the dog found no traces of marijuana and McGee was subsequently booked for another driving offence.

McGee said: ‘They told me they weren’t going to allow him. I was hoping that they would let me plant marijuana in the courthouse to see if he could find drugs.’

However, Judge Peter Bell would not allow such an experiment take place in his court room and McGee lost his case.

He was fined $300 for failing to use his turn signal.

However, despite losing, McGee claimed a small victory for himself, adding: ‘I’m the first one in Charlotte County to subpoena a K9 Officer.’

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