A Peeping Tom in Ohio got more than he bargained for when he made the mistake of using his cell phone to secretly capture Nancy Yingling trying on clothes in a Target dressing room.

According to police, Yingling was trying on clothes at the Target on Milan Road in Perkins Township when she noticed someone was holding a cell phone underneath the changing room door.

“I reached down and snatched it out of his hand, pulled my pants up and darted out the dressing room door. That’s when I got in his face, kind of had my way with him,” said Yingling. Rawr!

As Yingling called police, the suspect, 21-year-old Zachary Van Zandt, lunged at her in attempt to retrieve his cell phone. That would be the second mistake Zandt made with Yingling.

“I pushed him off of me and then I hit him across the face, punched him across the face a few times until he went down,” said Yingling.

When police arrived at the location, a very subdued Zandt was found sitting down with his head hung low. He was arrested and charged with voyeurism and tampering with evidence.

Police expect more charges to follow, especially after Zandt admitting to having a sexual impulse problem, a problem he was scheduled to have counseling for in two weeks, and having done this may times before.

“He did this at the mall and at our Target and in other areas. He admitted to four or five. Until we get the search warrant on the phone, we’ll know how many other victims there are,” said Lt. Chris Hilton. “He told us he was on his way to an AA meeting when he spotted a ‘good opportunity to get some video,’ ” said Lt. Hilton.

As for Yingling, she says she knows her reactions weren’t the smartest thing for someone to do, but that at the time she says, “I didn’t think twice, nor did I care.”

Video report from Cleveland’s Fox Channel 8:

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