A Swiss court has sentenced a deranged psychiatrist to three years in jail for kidnapping a baby girl from Romania so she could ‘reincarnate’ her dead mother through her.

Constanta Albumel, 40, and her husband travelled 800 miles from their home in Zurich to the Romanian city of Timisoara, where they stole an infant from a local children’s hospital.

The Zurich court heard how Albumel then performed shaman rituals and chanted over the child in a bid to bring her late mother back to life.

The mother-of-two – who has Swiss citizenship but originally comes from Bucharest – allegedly became ‘increasingly obsessed’ with the idea of taking a baby girl from Romania’ in order that her dead mother could be reincarnated.

Her husband, a technology expert for a Swiss bank, went along with the kidnap plan because she threatened to divorce him.

On 18 October 2009, the couple 800 miles across Switzerland, Austria and Hungary to the city of Timisoara in Romania.

The husband – who has not been named – cut a hole in the fence of the local children’s hospital, and Albumel sneaked through, onto a ward and stole a baby girl.

The pair returned to their home in Zurich and, using fake papers, they registered the child as their own.

But Interpol were called in by Romanian police and two months later they were under arrest.

‘It was a crazy idea that came over us,’ they said, confessing to the kidnap.

The judge in the case, Peter Marti, equated their crime with murder, stating; ‘You were ruthless, cynical and selfish’.

He sentenced the Albumel to three years in jail, refusing her the option of attending an outpatient psychotherapy clinic on the grounds that she may repeat offend.

The husband, who argued that he was under pressure from his wife to join in the kidnap, was given a two year suspended sentence.

The child was returned to her parents, who have been awarded £33,000 in compensation.


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