A strange assault took place in South Pasadena on Monday morning.

A teen boy seeking extra cash ended up in police custody after allegedly shaking and startling an innocent woman who was sitting in her car at Pavilions.

The teen walked up to the woman who was reportedly on her phone, grabbed her by the shoulders and proceeded to shake her to get her attention, said Sgt. Robert Bartl of South Pasadena Police Department.

The 16-year-old is from the Los Angeles area and was still being held at the South Pasadena Station as of Monday, but will be issued a citation and released.

“He never said a word to her, never asked her for money. She was in her car checking her phone and went up to her, grabbed her by the shoulders and was kind of shaking her,” Bartl said.

According to police, the woman pushed him away and closed her vehicle door.

The teen then walked over to a witness nearby the incident and joked about the altercation, saying all he wanted to do is ask her for some money, Bartl said.

The witness walked up to the victim to see if she was all right. She asked the witness to stay with her while she called police.

A steak knife was found near the victim’s car; the teen also admitted to having it but never displayed the weapon at any point during the altercation, according to police.

Police are investigating the incident as a robbery, but more than likely will file the case as a simple assault and battery, Bartl said.

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