Two Canadian men got into hot water after breaking into a home, drinking beer, pooping in the pool and then passing out.

They were discovered Sunday morning when the Ottawa homeowner woke up around 5:40 a.m.

He found one man fast asleep on the couch, and the other napping in the Jacuzzi.

Police spokesman Const. Marc Fournel labelled the pair his “winners of the day.”

“Needless to say, both men were in an advanced state of intoxication,” Fournel said.

When the homeowner called cops he told them the men were “totally passed-out, they’re hammered or unconscious.”

Cops arrested the men for breaking and entering, but the homeowner decided not to press charges because the pair cleaned up and offered him $500 for his trouble.

“He was satisfied with that,” Fournel said. “He should probably bleach the pool, though.”

It is unclear why the home owner didn’t wake up during the night’s shenanigans.

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