Tennessee police launched an investgation when 48-year-old Joy Lounders called to report a robbery and shooting at her home.

While waiting for a Lifestar flight, she told investigators that she had been attacked by a white male with grey hair.

According to her, the man had entered her home, prompting her to grab her .38 handgun. A struggle followed, and she ended up with bullets through her leg and back.

Except that the entire story was a lie, made up by Lounders.

She eventually confessed while at the hospital.

Investigators in the mean time had scoured the city looking for a silver van. After a few hours, Sheriff Bud McCoig told reporters that his team realized that all the evidence just didn’t add up.

Sheriff McCoig isn’t entirely sure why Joy Lounders shot herself, but it may be because Lounders was technically scheduled to turn herself in on Monday to serve a DUI sentence. Her sentence may now have to be postponed.

Prosecutors have not yet decided to file charges.

A false report with law enforcement is a Class D felony where first time offenders are typically sentenced from 2 to 4 years behind bars.

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