Christina Beasley, a 23-year-old North Carolina woman was jailed for allegedly trying to burn down her boyfriend’s house….a second time.

According to police, Beasley attempted to burn down her boyfriend’s home after she had bailed out of jail for the exact same crime.

Investigators say Beasley had been charged in December with second-degree arson and burning personal property after she allegedly tried to set her boyfriend’s home on fire. The damage was estimated to be $10,000.

When Beasley was released on bail, her boyfriend reportedly invited her to return to his home. On Tuesday, the boyfriend asked Beasley to leave his home following an argument.

In retaliation, Beasley piled firewood up against the boyfriend’s home and tried to ignite it.

Beasley was booked into jail and charged with first-degree arson and injury to real property.

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