Elephant caretakers at Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad had claimed that they used alcohol to “calm down elephants during their mating season”, but the elephants never consumed any of the alcohol purchased.

It was found during an investigation that the elephant caretakers had been demanding alcohol supply to the zoo since 1992, however, it was revealed that the elephants never consumed that alcohol. The demand for alcohol supply would be raised every winter.

The caretakers also threatened the administration that if it is not supplied then the elephants might cause a monetary loss or casualties in the zoo.

The bills amounted Rs80,000 at maximum and minimum at Rs40,000.

Locally-manufactured liquor would be supplied to the zoo and the cost would be added to the food expense.

Veterinary doctors said that alcohol cannot be consumed by elephants.

Barring the purchase of more alcohol, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) called for an investigation and directed the zoo administration to consult with veterinary doctors in this regard.

The zoo administration suspended the head elephant caretaker and senior elephant caretaker of the zoo.

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