38-year-old Stephanie Ann Broten and her live-in boyfriend were arrested after they allegedly shaved the head of Broten’s 12-year-old daughter and then forced her to pick up garbage from the street while wearing nothing but a diaper and a tank top.

Concerned Minnesota neighbors called Fridley police to the home of Broten and 34-year-old Darnell Alan Landrum.

When they arrived they found a crowd of about 50 people watching the young girl, who was hysterical and begging to be allowed back into the house.

Officers were told that the 12-year-old was outside for around half an hour before they were called.

They arrested the couple on suspicion of gross-misdemeanor malicious punishment of a child.

They told police they were punishing the girl for not bringing home good grades from school and for failing to do her homework.

Fridley Police Lt Mike Monsrud said: ‘They told her if she didn’t, they would shave her head and put her on “diaper duty”, which I guess meant running up and down the street and cleaning up trash as a form of public humiliation.

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One Response to Couple shaves daughter’s head over bad grades and forces her to pick garbage wearing a diaper

  1. Joe Avenger says:

    The roadside litter isn’t the only TRASH in this story. EXPECT US

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