It seems as though the jobsworth police in the UK are having a competition to see who is the most ridiculous.

Jez Luff, 38, of Littlehampton, England says that he had to pay to get his stolen van out of impound because police couldn’t find him – even though all his contact information is printed on the vehicle.

Luff said that police told him that his stolen van was found with the engine running on April 28.

He was then informed that he would have to pay $502 for three days of storage before police would release it because officers were unable to find a way to contact him.

Luff says that his business’s name, Web address and phone number are printed in large letters on the side of the vehicle.

“Call me naive, but what about the big 4-foot vinyl sticker clues, with our phone number, logo and Web address? You don’t need to send a team of detectives to read the side of a van. The phone number is even 24 hours,” Luff said.

A police representative said officers decided it was not “practical” to call the number on the van.

“Where an owner cannot be immediately identified or contacted, a vehicle is taken into storage. A number was on the van, but due to the time of day it wasn’t considered practical to call,” was the pathetic excuse offered by a police representative.

If police are lacking in the most basic investigative skills, then how can people expect them to take on real crime?

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